Tuesday, November 9

Photos from Spectacle X Gotstyle "Red Light Affair"

Here are some photos(courtesy of BlogTO)from Gotstyle Menswear's"Red Light Affair" at the Amsterdam Brewery which we provided some excellent Cutler and Gross eyewear for and attended a few weeks ago, check it out....

Here is a Spectacle classic, a C&G 0772 in GB. This beauty looks great on everyone boys and girls!!

The 0974 comes in some great colors, the blue pictured on the gentleman above and the grey horn pictured below are just two of them.

C&G is know for being at the forefront of what they do but not veering to far from what brought them to the dance, the 0690 is a great example of that it is thick and very retro inspired but with a modern cut that translates to today's fashions

The complete Cutler and Gross Spring/Summer 2011 collection plus our all time Spectacle favorites are on display through out all of our Spectacle locations, conveniently located through out Toronto, because Spectacle Loves You!