Friday, November 19

Spectacle Feels The Love All Night Long

Spectacle`s El Presidante, Jag Dhillon was out and about last night at his usual hot spots and hip hang outs and look who he ran into...

Mr Lionel Ritchie, seems great and fashionable minds have a way of finding each other and saying hello

Lionel was digging on Jag`s Dita Statesman, which is one of our city`s most beloved frames. Jag in turn was down with Lionel`s indoor tinted lenses. These types of fashion tints are all the rage in Hollywood now a days, being worn by the likes of Andy Garcia and Robery Downey Junior

Lionel got bit by the Spectacle bug pretty hard and just may end up stopping by in the near future to snag a pair of those Statesman for himself, stay tuned to the blog for an update on that situation and remember Spectacle Loves You and your indoor tints no matter if you are a world famous recording artist or not.