Monday, November 1

Spectacle Loves Times Profile Shop!!!

Spectacles best friend store has got to be Dutil Denim in Vancouver, besides the awesome relationship between their owners and ours we mutually dig and respect what each other does.

We were as proud as a brother would be when we saw this article about their "Times Profile Shop" in Marketing Magazine.

The long and short of what these guys are trying to do is create a constantly rotating permanent shop displaying brands that are at the fore front of what they do, certainly a uniquely innovative and creative idea in the retail world if we do say so ourselves. If you are planning a trip out west anytime soon make sure to check it out!!

Another Spectacle tie in to this whole thing is that the cover boy for this particular issue of Marketing Magazine was none other then Toronto's own best dressed man Richard Lambert, one of our most favorite customers and the owner of some kick ass black and gold Dita Statesman's (which we provided of course!)

No matter where you are and what news you make, remember Spectacle is there to love you all the way.