Saturday, December 4

Spectacle creates some Buzz

To help busy people the world over during this hectic holiday season Now Magazine created a special holiday buzz gift guide, and who did they come to for some awesome gift ideas? The spectacular team at Spectacle of course.

Have a gander at our collaborative efforts........

Cutler and Gross 1015 in a Matte Tort, matted colors are one of the hottest things going in the eyewear world right now and these 40's inspired C&G's do a great job of showing why.

Moscot Nebb in Olive Green, Moscot has been making fine frames from N.Y.C.'s U.W.S. for close to a century, they haven't changed the design or concept behind what they do in what seems like forever and that's why they still kick butt.

Cutler and Gross 0773 in Brown Cream Horn. A unique color in a classic shape, this one is for the man or lady with the gusto to pull it off. Good thing so many of our clients are brimming with gusto.

Cutler and Gross is available at all Spectacle locations, Moscot is available at our Queen St and Distillery District locations and at Yonge St by viewing.

Good luck with the holiday shopping folks, remember Spectacle Loves You... and has gift cards available.