Wednesday, January 12

Coco Said It Best.................

"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous,"
-Coco (Gabrielle) Chanel

The season's hottest Chanel specs have arrived at Spectacle on Yonge Street! This selection from the Paris design house ties it's collection of eyewear and sunwear together with another Coco Chanel trademark.

Taking inspiration from Chanel’s "House of Desrues" makers of hand-made buttons exclusively for Chanel...buttons used throughout her collections, Karl Lagerfeld has continued the tradition incorporating the buttons on the arms of the new glasses and sunwear.

The collection features four styles of “Bouton” frames models sculpted in lightweight acetate: Single Button, Two Buttons, Three Buttons and Secret Box. They provide chic decorative elements to structures that are simultaneously timeless and contemporary.

Model - 3204

Model - 3201

Model - 3202

Make a trip to Spectacle uptown at Yonge & Fairlawn to take a look at what's in store!