Saturday, February 26

Celebs Love The Connolly

Seems our own in house collaboration with Oliver Peoples is creating quite a stir in Hollywood.

We've been promoting this thang with full gusto since it came out over a year ago, hooking up Spectacle pals Rick Ross and Pharrell amongst others.

Our main man Jeff even selected the Connolly as his favorite frame of the year.

A couple of other hip cats have take this little slice of Spectacle style and made it their own, you may have heard of these two before.............

Kobe "Bean" Bryant

The Oliver Peoples x Spectacle Connolly is available exclusively at all three Spectacle locations, don't live in Toronto? No problem email us at and we'll take care of you, just say Kobe sent you.

Wednesday, February 23

Kelly Loves Lindberg

Next up in our continuing series of "Spectacle Favorites" is optician extraordinaire Kelly and her love of Lindbergs.

Not only are they the official glasses of the royal Danish court, they also get the "Spectacle Stamp of Approval".

"My favourite frame?? LINDBERG of course!! How do I pick one?? True, I'm a little brainwashed after visiting the factory several years ago. There is something for everyone in this line. They are tough as nails and super comfortable since they are constructed from the purest titanium available and have no solders or screws."

Monday, February 21

Jeff Loves The Connolly

To coincide with our amazing (if we do say so ourselves) window displays at Yonge and Queen St we will be posting a blog series over the next few months highlighting Spectacle staff members and their favorite frames.

Up first is the proverbial head of the Spectacle Voltron, our Ops Manager Jeff.

Being the stylish company man that he is, Jeff's favorite frame is our very own Spectacle X Oliver Peoples Connolly...................

"It's big, it's bold and it's gold! The Spectacle + Oliver Peoples collaboration Connolly has been one of my favorite pieces for a while now. Even though the Connolly is the largest sunglass you can find, it's a far cry from the cheesy, oversized "Ed Hardy'esque" trend that has plague our society for the last few years. Mind you, you do need a bit of attitude to carry these off, so they're not for the faint of heart. The Spectacle Connolly comes in a brushed gold finish and your choice of lenses. I opted for the incognito dark-green polarized."

Saturday, February 19

It's all about the three L's: Lancier, Luxury, and Lebron James...

How do you sum up pure luxury and style with ingenuity and craftsmanship? One word we like is LANCIER by Dita.  Spectacle on Queen Street West is proud to be showcasing the largest variety of Lancier sunwear you'll find anywhere and when you're talkin' about this kind of quality design and cool factor not even Lebron can resist:

 No. 6 Brings the Heat in his Lancier's

Lancier Model - 001

Designed by Dita Eyewear with a patented Temple Release System for maximun versatility, the Lanciers were built for the air, water and the race track, so we thought we'd suggest a few accessories you might want to consider when you pick up one of these beautys...

Or if heights aren't exactly your thing...

We might not be able to hook you up in that respect, but we'll do our best to make sure you look like you know what you're doing.  Swing by Spectacle Queen Street West asap because, like the heavy metal accessories in the pics, the Lanciers are moving fast!

 Let Me...

Take You Home...


For the rest of the story, check out our past Lavish, Lancier Liasons:


Even just a tease

Remember no matter where you are or what you do, Spectacle Loves You.

Wednesday, February 16

Flare Magazine and Spectacle Spread Some Love

Flare came to us in need of some product to spice up a valentines day inspired photo shoot for their most recent issue (on news stands now!!)

The results turned out spectacular as these vibrant photos really help to melt away our winter blues.

Frames used in this shoot were a vintage Ted Lepidus and "Spectacle Exclusive" Dapher Sunglass by Giles for Cutler and Gross.

Thanks for helping us on our mission of love Flare, Spectacle Loves You.

Tuesday, February 15

Kilsgaard Arrives At Spectacle

Danish designer Jacob Kilsgaard just won a prestigious Red Dot award for designing the eyewear collection that bares his name in tandem with hot to trot architecture firm Bonnelycke MDD.

Since Spectacle is the place for all things prestigious,eyewear related and hot to trot we thought Jacob's line would be a good addition to our family of frames.

Made of lightweight aluminum and anodized to ensure there is no chipping or peeling of the colors these frames are sure to bring out the chic euro guy or gal in anyone.

Kilsgaard is available exclusively at Spectacle West Queen West at the moment but can be seen at our other locations by viewing so call us up if you would like to take a look and remember Spectacle Loves You.

Sunday, February 13

Private Launch of Lee Lounge - King Street West

Toronto's most celebrated chef Susur Lee, recently held a private event to celebrate the opening of "LEE Lounge". In the old digs of Madeline on King Street West he held a private 7-course dinner hosted by none other than James Chatto.

The night was an extravagant tasting to the culinary expertise of Susur Lee with a culinary trip around the world.
Char Sui Magret Duck Breast, Seared foie gras and Bejing duck garnish.

It was an interesting dining experience, as Susur lee went back to a tradition he started years back (circa 2001) with a reversing the order of courses. Starting with the heavy main course first and then serving lighter courses as the evening progressed. It was noted to be quite the challenge for the sommelier as the wine pairings went from heavier to lighter to coincide with the courses.

Susur Lee explaining the inspiration of each and every dish along side James Chatto.

Many thank go out to Susur for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. The Resto/Lounge is slated to be open on Feb. 14Th, 2011... just in time for Valentine's Day. Enjoy.

Saturday, February 12

Familiar Faces at Spectacle

Spectacle's West Queen West and Yonge St locations got a literal face lift this weekend as new window displays conceptualized by and featuring some of our staff went up.

Take a stroll by 752 Queen St W or 3342 Yonge St and you'll notice us looking our best in our favorite frames straight from the Spectacle shelves

Stay tuned to this blog for the accompanied series of posts featuring each employee, their fav frames and why they love them oh so much.

Here is super spectacle stylist Tina helping to "frame" her fellow co-workers, like we always say we are a hands on shop and that's why you love us.

Friday, February 11

Rick Ross & Spectacle, the Love Affair Continues...

Close, personal friend and member of the Spectacle family, Rick Ross was showing us some love recently with his Spectacle x Connolly sunglasses.
You`ll remember our boy Rick was pretty stoked when we hooked him up with our famous Oliver Peoples collaboration and gave a special shout out to the Spectacle crew (which some of us are still braggin about).
The maple leaf jacket - classy touch! Photo thanks to

Having produced only 75 pieces world wide, these truly limited edition frames have found their way into some big hands over the past several months and now even grace the faces of Spectacle clients as far away as Dubai!

You don't have to be The Boss to make it rain, just bounce into the only place in this big ol`world to get a pair of these shades-- your nearest Spectacle! With three boutiques in Toronto it won`t be long before these beasts are gone for good!

And check out some sweet words from the Boss Ross himself and remember Spectacle Loves You!

Thursday, February 10

"The Hotel Biz: A Memoir" Book Launch

More than anyone else in the hotel business, Hans Gerhardt changed the way the industry does business, " Paul Godfrey, National Post President

Hans Gerhardt operated some of the worlds most famous and exclusive hotels and was exposed to the private lives of kings, queens, world leaders and movie stars. He's been trapped on an elevator with a notorious dictator, cracked jokes with Prince Philip, drank with Charleston Heston and help Burt Reynolds woo Loni Anderson.... plus more. He was best recognized as the president and managing director of the Sutton Place Hotel.

"The Hotel Biz: a Memoir" was released recently and the "hotelier to the stars" reveals how writing this book helped him deal with the loss of his son during 9/11. He dedicated the book to his son Ralph who was one of 24 Canadians killed in during the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

The book launch was held at Hogo Boss Flagship store on Bloor Street and was received by a full house.

Our own Lexie (Admin extraordinaire to the stars at Spectacle) was in attendance and was also an assistant editor on the project. Way to go girl!! Lexie also let us know her sister Kathy's husband Ron was an editor on this. A former newspaper and magazine journalist and movie critic, Ron Base's latest novel, The Sanibel Sunset Detective, is set in the sun-drenched atmosphere of Sanibel and Captiva, two of Florida’s most beautiful and unusual islands and is the first in a series of Detective Tree Callister's adventures.

Lexie Lenhoff and Sister Kathy. ......Spectacle loves ya!!

Wednesday, February 9

Spectacle Loves Thierry Lasry

One of the things we pride ourselves on at ye olde Spectacle is being on the for front of what we do.

A big part of that is stocking our shoppes with the newest and bestest things out there.

In keeping with that theme we would like to introduce two new and best things to the Spectacle Universe, Thierry Lasry Sunglasses and our newest stylist Ruth.

Thierry Lasry's designs come to us from Paris, he is the son of an optician father and designer mother. Naturally designing a line of "Future Retro" sunglasses as he calls them was in his blood.

Strong and sexy these sunnies make a great choice for those looking to do something a lil out of the norm. Spectacle of course will be one of the only places in the country to house this collection.

Ruth comes to us from Edinburgh, that's in Scotland dude. Ruth's parents are not in the optical or design business however that didn't stop Ruth from earning an optometrists distinction in the UK.

While in Canada Ruth will be featured at Spectacles Queen St location exclusively the same as the Theirry Lasry's. If you're in the neighborhood stop in and say hi, nobody here will thing your odd for talking to the sunglasses we promise.

Tuesday, February 8

Fashion Magazine 2011 Spring Trends!

A private gathering for some of Toronto's Fashion crowd was put together by Fashion Magazine. In a form of thank you and in a preview of all things fashion, a private wine and apps event was held in downtown Toronto.

A few glasses of wine and a presentation on all things fashion.

There were some interesting overall themes from designers this year with a lot of colour and patterns. Look for a full report in an upcoming issue of fashion magazine, and when perusing the magazine watch the models eyewear.... as (like always) were were again consulted for all things fashionable in eyewear!

Spectacle out....

Sunday, February 6

Spectacle Loves Neil Diamond and Oliver Peoples

Way back in September we fell in love with a pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses from their resort 2011 collection, The Jack One and boy was it love at first sight.

Oliver Peoples seems to be feeling this frame as well, featuring it in their ad campaigns for this season and constantly updating us on its awesomeness on their blog.

Turns out these sunnies are also near and dear to the heart of Mr Dennis Leight brother of OP Creative Director Larry Leight and co-founder of the company.

Seems Dennis' mentor in the eyewear business is famed California optician Jack Schulsinger who hand molded an aviator like this for Mr Neil Diamond.

To check out the whole story surrounding this swing on over to the Oliver Peoples Website.

Just as cool as the story behind this piece are the vintage pics of Mr Diamond himself rocking them way back in the 70's.

Spectacle employees Jordan and Darren took it upon themselves to try to recreate the magic of those photo shoots. Turns out in this case two heads are not as good as one, especially when that one head belongs to Neil Diamond

Friday, February 4

How to Make Your Reflection Envious...

Some new, spectacular frames have arrived from Spectacle's fav Belgium-based darlings of the eyewear world, Theo!

Bold and beautiful frame shapes, bright colours and a wide range of styles make up one of Spectacle's most diverse collections.

From the avante-guard acetate frames to the sophisticated titanium semi-rimless, a plethora of styles have made their way uptown to Spectacle at Lawrence Park!

Spectacle is packing state of the art eye-candy so sweet, our very own Stylist, Michael aka "Sweetness" felt it was necessary to display a few styles to make your friends and family just a little bit jealous...the expressions however, are err, optional.

Stop by and get your hands on these big fab bad boys!