Friday, February 11

Rick Ross & Spectacle, the Love Affair Continues...

Close, personal friend and member of the Spectacle family, Rick Ross was showing us some love recently with his Spectacle x Connolly sunglasses.
You`ll remember our boy Rick was pretty stoked when we hooked him up with our famous Oliver Peoples collaboration and gave a special shout out to the Spectacle crew (which some of us are still braggin about).
The maple leaf jacket - classy touch! Photo thanks to

Having produced only 75 pieces world wide, these truly limited edition frames have found their way into some big hands over the past several months and now even grace the faces of Spectacle clients as far away as Dubai!

You don't have to be The Boss to make it rain, just bounce into the only place in this big ol`world to get a pair of these shades-- your nearest Spectacle! With three boutiques in Toronto it won`t be long before these beasts are gone for good!

And check out some sweet words from the Boss Ross himself and remember Spectacle Loves You!