Sunday, February 6

Spectacle Loves Neil Diamond and Oliver Peoples

Way back in September we fell in love with a pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses from their resort 2011 collection, The Jack One and boy was it love at first sight.

Oliver Peoples seems to be feeling this frame as well, featuring it in their ad campaigns for this season and constantly updating us on its awesomeness on their blog.

Turns out these sunnies are also near and dear to the heart of Mr Dennis Leight brother of OP Creative Director Larry Leight and co-founder of the company.

Seems Dennis' mentor in the eyewear business is famed California optician Jack Schulsinger who hand molded an aviator like this for Mr Neil Diamond.

To check out the whole story surrounding this swing on over to the Oliver Peoples Website.

Just as cool as the story behind this piece are the vintage pics of Mr Diamond himself rocking them way back in the 70's.

Spectacle employees Jordan and Darren took it upon themselves to try to recreate the magic of those photo shoots. Turns out in this case two heads are not as good as one, especially when that one head belongs to Neil Diamond