Wednesday, February 9

Spectacle Loves Thierry Lasry

One of the things we pride ourselves on at ye olde Spectacle is being on the for front of what we do.

A big part of that is stocking our shoppes with the newest and bestest things out there.

In keeping with that theme we would like to introduce two new and best things to the Spectacle Universe, Thierry Lasry Sunglasses and our newest stylist Ruth.

Thierry Lasry's designs come to us from Paris, he is the son of an optician father and designer mother. Naturally designing a line of "Future Retro" sunglasses as he calls them was in his blood.

Strong and sexy these sunnies make a great choice for those looking to do something a lil out of the norm. Spectacle of course will be one of the only places in the country to house this collection.

Ruth comes to us from Edinburgh, that's in Scotland dude. Ruth's parents are not in the optical or design business however that didn't stop Ruth from earning an optometrists distinction in the UK.

While in Canada Ruth will be featured at Spectacles Queen St location exclusively the same as the Theirry Lasry's. If you're in the neighborhood stop in and say hi, nobody here will thing your odd for talking to the sunglasses we promise.