Thursday, March 31

Kira Loves Cutler and Gross

Student RO extraordinaire Kira is back to let us in on her "Staff Pick" as favorite ophthalmic frame,

Kira created quite a stir with her choice of sunglasses in her last blog, we've had a flood of people coming in asking for them since the post went up.

We are anticipating even more of a rush for these Cutler beauties (Model:0692, Color:Humble Potato) since they look even better!

You had me at humble potato. Not gunna lie, i dated these for weeks before making my final decision and I'm happy i did! These are my fave frames soo much that i got them for myself. I was looking for something that i could wear everyday that wouldn't restrict my wardrobe choices. I love the neutral colour which counteracts the chunkier frame which is why it works while staying traditional.I've always been a big fan of european styling and craftmanship.I was happy to find out these are handmade in the UK& Italy and the colour options are like none other. Might have to get a second pair....

* Note model shown is not humble potato color

Wednesday, March 30

New Welcome Mat Welcomes You to Spectacle

We got a new "Spring Time" Welcome Mat at Spectacle West Queen West today. It looks just like our recently re-designed bags, nothing escapes the Spectacle design team.

Some of us were a little more excited about it then others, nonetheless a blog was created to celebrate this monumental event and the passing of winter into this new wonderful season.

Come on by and check it out as soon as you can.

Client Profile: Chris Gibbs

Chris Gibbs is one of our most diverse and exciting clients.

By day you will find him at his office, cleaned up real good (just ask the lady staff at Spectacle) modeling some pretty classic suits with his Alian Mikli's and Paul Smith specs.

By night he can be found at various parties and soirees in the company of his lovely lady, usually sporting one of the many vintage Cazal's in his collection.

In the above picture he is rocking a custom job done in the Spectacle lab.
We took the original rose colored shield out of his Cazal 858's and replaced it with a permanent clear version for all the time awesomeness.

Thanks for being an impeccably dressed friend Chris, Spectacle Loves You.

Monday, March 28

Spectacle Loves Super

The first of our Spring Shipment of Super's has rolled through the doors of Spectacle's West Queen West and Distillery District locations.

We are flush with beautiful Flat-tops, Andreas, Ciccios and a few of the special collaborations you've come to expect from us.

Jordan took some time off from helping the world with its vision care needs to model the Randagio special edition.

Here is the write up on this frame which oddly enough applies to Jordan as well.

This stray dog is quite a unique piece: a puma acetate skeleton hand covered in top notch leather with refined gold details that complete the elegant and strong design

If your looking to see if we have a particular model or color in don't hesitate to shoot us an email at

We are happy to help because Spectacle Loves You.

Saturday, March 26

Jordan Loves Philip Starck

Jordan our baby faced RO with puck stopping skills is back in the house to let us know all about a most premium sunglass from designer extraordinaire Philip Starck.

My love affair with my new Philip Starck's begins with their durability and ends with their style. The 360 degree "bio-hinge" makes them really comfortable and durable, as I tend to be hard on my sunglasses, this hinge design makes them live up to my constant abuse and daily on/off routine. I also like the balance of sport and style as they hug my face well, fit my Rx with ease and don't look like a typical wrap around shade found at any local sunglass shop.

Thursday, March 24

Alain Mikli "Matt" Collection Now at Spectacle

Alain Mikli, the granddaddy of eyewear makers has struck again!!!

Usually Mr Mikli is pretty ahead of the curve when it comes to his colors and designs, this year with his "Matt" collection he has out done even himself

Check out this video where Alian lets us go inside his creative and manufacturing processes.

The finished product is even more beautiful then the acetates from which they are crafted, as evident by how awesome they look on our very own in house model Kira.

Alian Mikli's "Matt" collection is available at each and every one of our locations, because Spectacle Loves You, and wants you to have the best glasses on earth!

Wednesday, March 23

Tanja Loves David Yurman

Tanja "The Great", as we like to call her around here is checking back in with her choice of the best of the best ophthalmic frames.

Tanja is one of our part time stylists who is also currently in university pursuing some higher learning. Between exams, papers and late night latte filled study sessions she still finds time to be a full time Gleek and an all-the-time fashionable lady.

David Yurman – Cable Sunglass. This David Yurman frame is a wonderful example of how a frame can become jewellery for the face. Sunglasses already make a great accessory to any outfit, however with the titanium gold cable temple David Yurman takes what would be a simple square sunglass and turns it into something eye catching. The frame front comes from handmade Italian acetate and the entire frame is manufactured in Japan giving it strength and great workmanship.

Tuesday, March 22

New Cutler and Gross Frames at Spectacle

Ahh the spring time, birds chirping, flowers blooming and new Cutler & Gross frames being made, nothing beats it!!!!

Emma and Ruth, both looking rather spring fresh themselves took some time out of their busy days at Spectacle West Queen West to show off some of the goods that just came in from overseas.

Here is a sampling of the styles we are stocking this spring and summer (Say that 5 times fast)

C&G 1015
C&G 1019
C&G 1020

Hurry down to your local Spectacle shop because glasses this great will be going quickly

Saturday, March 19

The Town Crier Loves Spectacle Lawrence Park!

We Love surprises for the weekend so imagine how excited we were when the folks from The Town Crier, one of North Toronto's premier newspapers and publishers of Toronto Today Magazine, stopped by Spectacle Lawrence Park to present us with the Reader's Choice Award for "Best In Town" Optical Store!
After the crew at Spectacle Lawrence Park picked their stunned jaws up of the floor, we figured it was time for a commemorative photo op!

Not before having a little bit of fun figuring out how to work the self-timer on the digital camera!  What is with guys and insisting only they know how to properly handle the difficult task of pushing a button?

A special thank you to all our friends and neighbors in Lawrence Park for this distinction! A staple of the neighborhood for 11 years, the story of Spectacle began uptown and we look forward to offering the best customer service in the city! With three stores in Toronto including Queen Street West and the Distillery District remember, Spectacle Loves You!

Friday, March 18

Darren Loves Orgreen

It's Darren's turn to tell us about his favorite frame and why he loves them.

Darren is one of longest serving Spectacle employees, although nobody knows where he came from or how he got here, he just kinda showed up one day and was tall enough to reach things on the top shelves so we kept him.

The Panther by Orgreen is one of the best frames Ive seen over the last few years. The name of the frame describes it best, sleek, sexy and dangerous in the (urban) jungle. I also dig that oh so subtle hint of irony that it brings without being too over the top, like most things are now a days.

Wednesday, March 16

Celebs Rockin some Spectacle Favs by Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith, & Mosley Tribes

Our proverbial "Spectacle Style" seems to be making the rounds in Hollywood these days, check it out.............

Heidi Klum OP Lips o Fire
Like Jimmy Hendricks kissed the sky, what better way to do it than with Lips O' Fire by Oliver Peoples.  Here the lovely Miss Heidi Klum is ready for whatever the sun can dish out.

Jennifer Aniston (AKA Darren's future ex wife) in Paul Smith Rhian
U.K. designer Paul Smith continues his love affair with retro-styled shades - The Rhian is 2 parts Roy Orbison with a splash of cat's eye upswing along the brow. Classy any way you slice it.

Jennifer Love Hewitt OP Lips O Fire and Alex Beh Mosley Tribes Burke
Proving he's got more than just an eye for great shades, Alex is an auteur who's even lent his cinematic talents to a short film for Oliver Peoples entitled "Sugar."

The wonderful designs of Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith and Mosley Tribes are available at all three Spectacle locations, check out for the one closest to you, and remember Spectacle Loves You

Tuesday, March 15

Kelly Loves Barton Perreira

Kelly's back in our "staff favorites" blog series to tell us about her love of Barton Perreira's Harlequin shades.

I don't know about y'all but when a lady looks this good I'd definitely listen to everything she has got to say..........

I absolutely love any frame from Barton Perriera - their attention to detail, form, function and elegance is outstanding. I also appreciate that the designers remain true to their original mission to making beautiful hand made frames. My pick for sunglasses is the Harlequin in hun/gol/evg - stunning inlay in the temple, love the green! and the shape is so wearable- very glam!

Friday, March 11

La Loop! The Ultimate Eyewear Accessory...

How many times can one look for ones glasses? And wearing those granny leashes—not an option.

Why can’t something be functional and stylish and well made? That was the question and La LOOP is the answer.

The hinges on either side of the loop enable the glasses to stay in place when in the loop.

Here our model and newest addition to the Spectacle family, Jenny, shows us how to wear the most functional piece of jewellrey soon to be in your collection!

Work it Girl!

Sport Loops are the ideal, active wear accessory available in a range of colours!

Men’s styles in Leather and brushed silver are perfect for the Chuck Norris in your life!

Hailing from Paris, Designer Elizabeth Faraut introduces a new collection twice a year. From the lightweight Sport Loops to the dressy sterling/vermeil diamond cut necklaces, there’s a La Loop for every fashion. Loop round into any one of our three stores in Lawrence Park, Distillery and Queen West to see what your wardrobe’s been missing!

Thursday, March 10

Michael Loves IC! Berlin

Michael aka "Sweetness" is up next in our "Spectacle Staff Favorites" blog series.

Michael comes to us straight from the movie industry, and with looks this good it may not be long before he is off to Hollywoodland forever, in the meantime stop by your local Spectacle and try to grab a sweet slice of Mike's style.

The GREG by I.C Berlin is available in gun metal black, Pearl, Chrome and Matte Black and sports the custom, screwless hinge design for which I.C. Berlin has become famous across the globe. I like how the shape captures the classic clean lines of an earlier decade, ala Clarke Kent and renders it in stainless steel. Tied together with the straight temples and subtle hinge, the Greg is both exceptionally lightweight, comfortable to wear and easy to fit into a variety of personal styles. Me likey that.

Wednesday, March 9

New Linda Farrow Projects @ Spectacle West Queen West

Spectacle first spotted some of these wonderful creations on one of Jag's many secret buying trips over seas........

Now they are live and in the flesh at our 752 Queen St West flagship.

And boy do they look awesome on Al and Kelly.

Stop on by to try on a pair before these one of a kind beauties get snatched up by magazines and our fabulous client base.

Y? Because we love you that's why.

Monday, March 7

Happy Birthday Kira

From your Spectacle family.

Kira Loves Dita

Next up in our "Staff Favorites" blog series is Kira.

Kira is double trouble around here, she is not only a fantastic frame stylist but also a student optician as well, watch out world here she comes!!!

PS Tomorrow is her bday, if you see her around the store this week (Spectacle birthdays are a week long event) hook her up with a birthday cup cake.

"I truely believe that everyone needs at least 2 pairs of sunglasses. One metal & one plastic. This is my metal choice because its not your typical aviator style. The extra detailing along the top sets it apart from the conventional metal frame. It can be dressed up or down & it comes in three colours -gotta have them all!"

Saturday, March 5

Customer Profile: Peter Denes

We love Peter around here, he posses so many awesome qualities. He has great taste in glasses, recently adding the Paul Smith Sir frames pictured below to his repertoire of uber chic frames.

Besides being a fashion maven, he is also a creative film maker, just check out his web site Peter In Motion for hours of digital fun

Finally he is the better looking version of our own Darren, yes all Hungarian dudes look like that, its a blessing and a curse.

Thanks for being a friend Peter, Spectacle Loves You

Friday, March 4

Dita Grandmaster Special Editions are Winning!!!!

Dita unleashed a limited edition color scheme of their legendary Grandmaster One and Grandmaster Two frames.

They now come in dark tort and gold with a sexy brown lens as modeled above by Spectacles very own in house winner Mr Moe (haircut not included).

These limited edition beauties are being housed at Spectacle's West Queen West Flagship but are available at any of our locations by viewing, cuz Spectacle Loves Winners!!!

Thursday, March 3

Jordan Loves Anne Et Valentin

The newest member of Spectacle's super staff of R.O.'s Jordan, weighs in on our ongoing "favorites" blog series with his love of the Anne et Valentin Factory Collection

Jordan may be the new guy on the Spectacle block but comes to us with years and years of experience beyond his young age and baby faced good looks.

“Factory 4” inspired by the Factory studio created by Andy Warhol in the 60s in New York, this concept consists in four shapes and emphasizes some of the creative principles used by the artist himself.

Original and rich in colour, this frame is created to be easy to wear, even in the case of the shy customer who dares not dare. I love these frames, the sharp unfinished feel, the brushed aluminium on the sides and I know they love me too!

Belly Loves Spectacle

Rap sensation Belly and one of his crew members stopped by recently to get outfitted in some new shades.

After visiting with Spectacle's own "Dream Team" of Ruth and Emma they settled on a pair of Vintage 1992 Olympics Ray Ban's from the Spectacle vaults and a Retro Super Future Flat Top straight from our current roster of frames.

With selections this stellar these two are winning everyday, just like Michael, Magic, Larry and the gang.

Thanks for the visit Belly, Spectacle Loves You