Wednesday, March 16

Celebs Rockin some Spectacle Favs by Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith, & Mosley Tribes

Our proverbial "Spectacle Style" seems to be making the rounds in Hollywood these days, check it out.............

Heidi Klum OP Lips o Fire
Like Jimmy Hendricks kissed the sky, what better way to do it than with Lips O' Fire by Oliver Peoples.  Here the lovely Miss Heidi Klum is ready for whatever the sun can dish out.

Jennifer Aniston (AKA Darren's future ex wife) in Paul Smith Rhian
U.K. designer Paul Smith continues his love affair with retro-styled shades - The Rhian is 2 parts Roy Orbison with a splash of cat's eye upswing along the brow. Classy any way you slice it.

Jennifer Love Hewitt OP Lips O Fire and Alex Beh Mosley Tribes Burke
Proving he's got more than just an eye for great shades, Alex is an auteur who's even lent his cinematic talents to a short film for Oliver Peoples entitled "Sugar."

The wonderful designs of Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith and Mosley Tribes are available at all three Spectacle locations, check out for the one closest to you, and remember Spectacle Loves You