Friday, March 11

La Loop! The Ultimate Eyewear Accessory...

How many times can one look for ones glasses? And wearing those granny leashes—not an option.

Why can’t something be functional and stylish and well made? That was the question and La LOOP is the answer.

The hinges on either side of the loop enable the glasses to stay in place when in the loop.

Here our model and newest addition to the Spectacle family, Jenny, shows us how to wear the most functional piece of jewellrey soon to be in your collection!

Work it Girl!

Sport Loops are the ideal, active wear accessory available in a range of colours!

Men’s styles in Leather and brushed silver are perfect for the Chuck Norris in your life!

Hailing from Paris, Designer Elizabeth Faraut introduces a new collection twice a year. From the lightweight Sport Loops to the dressy sterling/vermeil diamond cut necklaces, there’s a La Loop for every fashion. Loop round into any one of our three stores in Lawrence Park, Distillery and Queen West to see what your wardrobe’s been missing!