Thursday, March 10

Michael Loves IC! Berlin

Michael aka "Sweetness" is up next in our "Spectacle Staff Favorites" blog series.

Michael comes to us straight from the movie industry, and with looks this good it may not be long before he is off to Hollywoodland forever, in the meantime stop by your local Spectacle and try to grab a sweet slice of Mike's style.

The GREG by I.C Berlin is available in gun metal black, Pearl, Chrome and Matte Black and sports the custom, screwless hinge design for which I.C. Berlin has become famous across the globe. I like how the shape captures the classic clean lines of an earlier decade, ala Clarke Kent and renders it in stainless steel. Tied together with the straight temples and subtle hinge, the Greg is both exceptionally lightweight, comfortable to wear and easy to fit into a variety of personal styles. Me likey that.