Friday, April 29

Spectacle Wishes G.S.P. Good Luck

A while ago on a mysterious night on the beautiful cobble stone streets of old Montreal a meeting of the minds occurred between Spectacles President Jag Dhillon and UFC Champ Georges St Pierre.

What was discussed is pretty top secret, but with Georges being in town this weekend, (there's a little UFC Shindig at the Rogers center in case you haven't heard) Jag and the Spectacle crew wanted to wish our man good luck in his fight.

Good Luck Georges, Spectacle Loves You

Tuesday, April 26

Spectacle Loves The Dita Insider

Dita and Spectacle share a couple of overall company philosophies, both like to employ the brightest and best in the industry and share a passion for thinking outside the box and into the future.

Dita recently took one of their top selling eye glass frames the Indsider and added a sexy sunglass lens to make it even better.

Check out our tall dark and handsome R.O. Jordan as he shows off both the grey swirl and dark tort models.......

The Sun version of the Dita Insiders are available at our West Queen West flagship and by viewing at the Distillery District location, and of course Spectacle Loves You

Monday, April 25

Freda Loves Cutler and Gross

Freda is back as our next to last staff member in the epic "Spectacle Staff Picks and Favorites" blog post series that has been changing your life since the beginning of the year.

As we mentioned with her earlier post Freda is one of the savvy veterans of team Spectacle. Her frame knowledge runs deep and her styling powers are strong. Step into Freda's world and you'll come out a whole new person, guaranteed.

"These Cutler and Gross frames are most defiantly my favorite ophthalmic eyeglass! This frame makes me feel like a super hero! The frame itself is extremely strong in shape and expressive in style. It has an extremely flat frame front, a great upper contour line, and a special retro design detail on the temple. Under the sunlight this frame shows its saturated inky purple hue and when worn indoors, only a stubble hint of purple comes through. "

* Note model shown is in RT color not Ink(purple)

Sunday, April 24

Spectacle Loves and Adores Dior

Some of our staff members decided to celebrate Easter the Spectacle way, by modeling this seasons brightest and best from Mr Christian Dior.

Take a look as Kira, Eric, Tanja and Al make looking good as easy as a Sunday morning.

Dior 0148 and Dior Volute 2

Dior Chicago 1 and Dior Havane.

Stop by Spectacle West Queen West and check out the selection of Dior's shades good for any day weather its a holiday or not.

Freshly Educated Men Love Spectacle

One of our fav TO based blogs, Freshly Educated Men stopped by the store recently to do a little segement with our very own Emma about whats hot for the upcoming sunglass season.

Some of you old school Spectacle blog followers may remember when we did this last year, for those of you that don't here is the link to refresh your memory.

Of course we will be posting this years video on the blog as soon as we get it but in the mean time here is a sneak peak.......

Thanks for stopping by Freshly Educated Men, Spectacle Loves You

Thursday, April 21

New Alain Mikli's Make it Uptown!

Spectacle's latest collection of French designer Alain Mikli which we oh so proudly showcased a couple weeks ago have started to make their way to our uptown shop at Yonge and Fairlawn ave.

The stunning Model AL0757 in Violet has been chilling in our Window Display, helping people to forget where it is they were headed...

The new specs from the unquestioned Godfather of designer eyewear include models such as the AL 1010 in classic black as well as the fabulous new Matte finish!

The AL 1010 kicks back on the top shelf, where she belongs of course before ending up on a lucky Spectacle client.

Also available in sleek n' sexy shiny black...

Along with these fresh new works of wearable art, pop in to Spectacle for some of Alain Mikli's classic designs including the AL0511, in stock uptown in a range of colours including the Black and Crystal collection.

The AL0511 in two-tone black on red.

The AL0511 in the Mikli Crystal Collection.

To try on a few of these styles and to see what other colours we have in store, pop into your nearest Spectacle. With three locations to serve our clients, all shops will be open Easter Sunday and unlike colourful eggs, you won't have to hunt for some of the world's most beautiful eyewear and sunnies!

Wednesday, April 20

Mason Loves Moscot

Here comes Mason again this time with his favorite Rx frame in the whole wide world.

Mason and Moscot have a lot in common, both are classic in their design and known the world over for doing what they do and doing it well.

Moscot started on New York's lower east side way back in 1915 when great grand daddy Sol Moscot started selling his frames from a push cart on the street.

Mason's story doesn't go back as far as 1915 but having grown up in the rough and tumble west end of the GTA did give him a whole bunch of life experience, Ok maybe that is a stretch but nobody can deny how good the man looks in these specs.

My Moscot Lemtosh makes me feel all the more distinguished and not just because it is being worn by the likes of Johnny Depp and Jeff Goldblum, no, I love these because of their subtle splash of color, sturdy construction and timeless look. Everything you want glasses in one pretty round package.

Tuesday, April 19

Spectacle Loves Raf Simons

Designer extraordinaire Raf Simons has paired up with style maven Linda Farrow for the co release of some super fresh sunnies this season.

Our fav frame is the RAF14, a model that makes you think leather driving gloves, convertible sports cars, collard shirts on guys named Chase and a weekend in the Hamptons.

Not having access to any of those we went with the next best thing, Spectacle's own Eric as a model for all three colors of this frame. Check it out

Col 3
Col 6
Col 8

Thanks for being our poster boy Eric, Spectacle Loves You

Saturday, April 16

Freda Loves Mosley Tribes

Its finally Freda's turn to tell us about her "Staff Pick" of favorite sunglasses.

Having worked as a Spectacle stylist since way back in '06 and having designed her own menswear collection for Toronto's fashion week just last year Freda knows a thing or two about what it takes to look good and thankfully for us she isn't afraid to share that knowledge.

"This frame is creative, expressive and oh so beautiful! These limited edition Lyndells are most defiantly my favorite sun specs from 2010! They have a beautiful hand laid beaded detail on the temples- inspired by Native American hand woven blankets. The colourful beads on the temple adds a modern twist to this retro inspired frame. I love the contrast between a rainbow temple and solid black keyhole frame front!"

These Mosley Tribes Lyndel's handed beaded by American Jewlery designer Jenny Dayco are available at Spectacles West Queen West boutique and in Freda's dreams.

Friday, April 15

"Per il Sole," it's Italian for Persol!

A staple of Hollywood fashionista's and inspired Italian designs, there's no mistaking a Persol Sunglass!

The classic "sword" pattern hinge is a dead give away while the glass lenses, many polarized to block glare, are why Persol sunnies aren't just pretty, they're exceptionally comfortable to wear.

Spectacle Lawrence Park, on Yonge Street has got you covered with iconic styles by one of the Godfather lines of Fashion sun specs.

The Famous Folding 714 in Black

Three Words Beyonce: "Pulling. Them. Off."

Some new additions to our collection include the sleek and sexy Model 2991 available in tortoise, black, and olive tortoise as well as another Persol trademark, the 2355 squared aviator in gunmetal and black.

The 2991 is a style often imitated but never duplicated, much like other fine Italian exports like Sophie Loren and the delicious taste of Brio...

The 2355, so sleek your friends will mutter envious things under their breathe...but no one will hear them over how cool you look.

And for that pure, timeless cool factor, the 2761 (available in two sizes) sums up everything the Persol look has come to represent.

The 2761 in stock in classic black and tortoise shell, this is the kind of frame you toss on and hop into a Porsche...or Maserati for that matter!

George knows how to keep it real.

With many more models than we can show here in stock at Spectacle Yonge Street, why not grab an espresso, and step into a Federico Fellini film - you bring the glamor, we've got your shades!

Harry Rosen Loves Spectacle

Thanks to one of our favorite all time stylists Lee "Hot Stuff" Sullivan Spectacle is all over this years Harry Rosen catalog.

Lee went with two of his and our all time favorite Cutler and Gross', the 0772 in Blk and Dark Tort for the majority of these shots and the results are quite handsome if we do say so ourselves, take a look see................

Equal thanks to Mr's Rosen and Sullivan, Spectacle Loves You

Cutsomer Profile: Alphonse Lanza

'Phonse as he is lovingly referred to by his pals is a true musical genius.

As part of the international sensation Azari & III he is currently revolutionizing the dance dance scene the world over. When creating sounds on his own under the moniker Alexander III he makes music so sweet you can help but shake it up baby!
In his spare time he even makes rap beats for Spectacle's own Darren aka Dolla D.

Check out some of his

On the fashion side of things Alph is also on a whole 'nother level,usually coming to us at Spectacle with a vision that we are more then happy to help him realize.

This time up we took a classic Dita Statesmen in Honey Tort added a fashionable fashion tint et voila a Spectacle Exclusive ready for our man to take to Cochella this weekend where he'll be performing a bunch of shows guaranteed to be as hot as the California sun.

'75 Nova not included.