Friday, April 15

Cutsomer Profile: Alphonse Lanza

'Phonse as he is lovingly referred to by his pals is a true musical genius.

As part of the international sensation Azari & III he is currently revolutionizing the dance dance scene the world over. When creating sounds on his own under the moniker Alexander III he makes music so sweet you can help but shake it up baby!
In his spare time he even makes rap beats for Spectacle's own Darren aka Dolla D.

Check out some of his

On the fashion side of things Alph is also on a whole 'nother level,usually coming to us at Spectacle with a vision that we are more then happy to help him realize.

This time up we took a classic Dita Statesmen in Honey Tort added a fashionable fashion tint et voila a Spectacle Exclusive ready for our man to take to Cochella this weekend where he'll be performing a bunch of shows guaranteed to be as hot as the California sun.

'75 Nova not included.