Monday, April 25

Freda Loves Cutler and Gross

Freda is back as our next to last staff member in the epic "Spectacle Staff Picks and Favorites" blog post series that has been changing your life since the beginning of the year.

As we mentioned with her earlier post Freda is one of the savvy veterans of team Spectacle. Her frame knowledge runs deep and her styling powers are strong. Step into Freda's world and you'll come out a whole new person, guaranteed.

"These Cutler and Gross frames are most defiantly my favorite ophthalmic eyeglass! This frame makes me feel like a super hero! The frame itself is extremely strong in shape and expressive in style. It has an extremely flat frame front, a great upper contour line, and a special retro design detail on the temple. Under the sunlight this frame shows its saturated inky purple hue and when worn indoors, only a stubble hint of purple comes through. "

* Note model shown is in RT color not Ink(purple)