Tuesday, April 5

Maison Martin Margiela Now At Spectacle

Super secretive fashion house Maison Martin Margiela has released a collaborative sunglasses collection with Spectacle in house favs Cutler and Gross and oh wow is this stuff hot.

Highlights of this collection are the "Anatomic" Model, meant to anatomical and perfectly wrap around your face and the "Wrong Size" which features the wrong sized lenses on purpose, one of the most unique features we've seen on shades in a long long time.

Uber Chic Spectacle Stylist and all around winner Eric was nice enough to take some time off from making the world a more beautiful place and model both of these frames for you our blogging community.

The creations of MMM are available at Spec West Queen West and the other two shops by viewing. Viewing of Eric is strictly limited to the shop he is working at on any particular day, sorry.