Monday, April 4

Mason Loves IC! Berlin

Mason, Spectacle Yonge St's Head Optician and longest serving employee finally throws his hat in the ring of our on going "Staff Favorites" blog series.

Mason has been in the optics industry for many a moon and with Spectacle for a good while now. Besides being one of two goalies on staff Mason is a solid back stop for our north end location, making sure nobodies vision care needs escape him.

Sleek modern yet timeless profile. Clean lines. Exacting German technology.
The 1987 Porsche 928 S4? Not at all. I love my Ic Berlin Sean eye shields!

Whether I am jetting down the road to a "rent-a-goalie" gig or fighting 401 traffic these shades are keeping the bright rays and reflections to a minimum with premium polarized filters. There is no peripheral vision compromise either. Handy when you want to cover all angles with a wrap that will hide the worst post-St Patty's hangover.

I am never tough on my gear. But should an accident occur, the temples on these "surgical grade stainless steel works of art" are made to set right back into place. Try that with a Porsche on the 401. Ain't gonna happen.

Heck, if Woody Harrelson can wear Ic Berlins in an amusement park full of zombies then I can definitely feel secure that these German products of optical liberation will serve me well in the GTA.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?


My Ic Berlin Sean does all the talkin' for me.

You too can Ic Berlin your face. Check in at all 3 Spectacle locations for most models and colours.