Friday, April 15

"Per il Sole," it's Italian for Persol!

A staple of Hollywood fashionista's and inspired Italian designs, there's no mistaking a Persol Sunglass!

The classic "sword" pattern hinge is a dead give away while the glass lenses, many polarized to block glare, are why Persol sunnies aren't just pretty, they're exceptionally comfortable to wear.

Spectacle Lawrence Park, on Yonge Street has got you covered with iconic styles by one of the Godfather lines of Fashion sun specs.

The Famous Folding 714 in Black

Three Words Beyonce: "Pulling. Them. Off."

Some new additions to our collection include the sleek and sexy Model 2991 available in tortoise, black, and olive tortoise as well as another Persol trademark, the 2355 squared aviator in gunmetal and black.

The 2991 is a style often imitated but never duplicated, much like other fine Italian exports like Sophie Loren and the delicious taste of Brio...

The 2355, so sleek your friends will mutter envious things under their breathe...but no one will hear them over how cool you look.

And for that pure, timeless cool factor, the 2761 (available in two sizes) sums up everything the Persol look has come to represent.

The 2761 in stock in classic black and tortoise shell, this is the kind of frame you toss on and hop into a Porsche...or Maserati for that matter!

George knows how to keep it real.

With many more models than we can show here in stock at Spectacle Yonge Street, why not grab an espresso, and step into a Federico Fellini film - you bring the glamor, we've got your shades!