Wednesday, April 13

Spectacle Loves Ic! Berlin Sunglasses

Ic! Berlin's exciting new "Quantum Physics" collection has yielded quite an astonishing amount of hot sunglasses for the upcoming summer season.

We here at Spectacle decided to model some of the pieces we liked best from our latest shipment, take a look..........

Al is giving the thumbs up to going insane in the brain with these bad boys called "membrane vibration"

Ruth is kicking in doors and taking names in this collaborative model from British design twins Felder Felder and Ic! Berlin, appropriately enough named..."The Doors"

Here is Darren showing off his new hair cut and big ole pearly whites in the sunnies known as "Star Formation". Oh how appropriate.

Kelly was making a guest appearance at the Queen St West shop today and showed us all just how hot the "Redshift" frames can look, the answer: very!

Ic Berlin's amazing sunglass shapes made of that patented German surgical steel are available at all 3 Spectacle locations, because Spectacle Loves You