Wednesday, April 13

Tina Loves Cutler and Gross some more

We are nearing the end of our staff picks blog series, only a hand full more to go and then we are on to something else. What that something else will be nobody knows so stay tuned.

Anyway, here is Tina our staff photographer and resident shark tamer back again with her choice of favorite sunglasses.

Tina is all about consistency in her life. This is a great quality to have both as a photojournalist and frame stylist and is evident in her choice of C&G frames as both her favorite eye and sunglasses also in her consistently changing hair styles (Rock the 'fro more girl!!!!)

I chose the Scoobies in silver by GILES for CUTLER AND GROSS for my favorite sunglass because of its distinct, unique retro beauty. I love the look of a retro sunglass with an 80’s wayfarer look. Its classic look makes for a clean, fresh feel. I’ve recently fallen in love with the 50’s-inspired cat-eye sunglass because it signifies everything a woman ‘should’ be. It has a little bit of fun, flair, sexiness, chic and confidence to it. The silver glossy finish is what makes these frames entirely cool and what makes it make any outfit pop!

*Note, these models and colors are extremely limited and hard to find