Friday, May 13

Catch a Wave with Spectacle Fav Maui Jim!

The latest collection of polarized sunglasses from Maui Jim have come ashore at Spectacle Lawrence Park and Distillery! Fans of Maui Jim will be familiar with their world famous Polarized lenses and Bi-Gradient Mirror finish - combine that with an anti-reflective coating on the inside of each lens to cut down on glare and you've got the most comfortable sunglass lens you can pick up off the shelf!

Fashion meets function in the new collection with another first for Maui Jim, fashion gradient lenses with a built in Polarized filter. Now you can enjoy the crystal clear vision of a Maui Jim lens and sport a classy fashion tint in either brown, grey, green, and rose!

Once you've worn a Polarized lens it's hard to go back to anything less - the built in filter cuts down on sunlight glare reflected off surfaces like water and, especially handy for driving, glare from other vehicles.

The Pau Hana

Wiki Wiki

Two new models, the Pau Hana and Wiki Wiki aviator, offer polarization and the new Maui Jim gradient fashion tint - the best of both worlds!

Dawn Patrol

Polish up on your Eric Estrada impression with the Dawn Patrol. Available in grey, rose and bronze mirror lenses, lay down the law with this vintage inspired favorite.

With a wide range of custom Prescription options available through Maui Jim, stop into Spectacle Lawrence Park and Spectacle Distillery for an unparalleled sunglass experience!