Sunday, May 1

Darren Loves Oliver Goldsmith

Darren is up to cap our staff fav's/picks blog series with his love of Oliver Goldsmith.

OG is the OG of the sunglass game if you catch our drift. Having been established in 1926 and considered to be the first company to put a "fashion tint" in sunglasses. They have done designs to fit all types people from Michael Caine to Grace Kelly and everyone in between. This is where our boy Darren comes in to play certainly falling somewhere between Mr Caine and Mrs Kelly in style, just check out the pic, its worth a thousand words...........

"I love Oliver Goldsmith, for their style, flair and years and years of originality. Weather your a guy or gal, new to the world of fancy shades or a savvy vet of style Goldsmith has you covered. Since re-launching in '07 under the careful curating of Claire Goldsmith there hasn't been a season that's gone by they haven't brought out one of their original pieces and proven once again why they are often imitated and never duplicated"