Tuesday, May 3

Spectacle Loves Orgreen!

When you can combine performance with an undeniable cool factor, you know you're on to something big. And Danish design house Orgreen has been at the top of their game when it comes to pushing conventions in fashion eyewear to the limit...Spectacle loves that kind of attitude!

Orgreen - Speedster

Famous for clean lines, and a flair for geometry many models artfully combine brilliant colours with soft muted tones to create shapes that, like the "Speedster," feel like you're taking a spin in a classic corvette.

Some of their newest pieces have a bit more of a personal touch with a splash of acetate combined with the robust titanium. Models like the "Edna" in vibrant purple will help your eyewear wardrobe walk the line between elegant modernity and retro chic.

Orgreen - Edna

Orgreen - Gregory

Roll into your local Spectacle Location and see which Orgreen you'd like to take for a ride!