Tuesday, June 28

Extreme Make Over - Spectacle Edition

One of the most gratifying things we do here at Spectacle is repairing glasses that other shops consider beyond repair.
Case in point with the above Barton Perriera Halston. These came to us after our clients dog got a hold of them and did some damage, to say the least.
Don't worry Rover, we'll get you back in your owners good books soon enough with a buff here a buff there and a new set of temples,
Spectacle is happy to help out with repairs whenever we can, for us difficult takes a day and impossible takes a week just have a little patience a little faith and remember Spectacle Loves You

Monday, June 27

Alfred Sung Loves Spectacle

International clothing designer and Canadian legend Alfred Sung has discovered his own slice of Spectacle style,
Alfred has grown to love the Vintage Oliver Peoples 1955's that we have been featuring this summer as one of our signature looks.
In fact he loves them so much he came back twice in one day to buy them in two different color schemes. Tort with Black temples and Champagne with Tort temples.
Al and Jenny were happy to help Alfred each and every time he came by just like we help out all our great clients because Spectacle Loves You

Sunday, June 26

Spectacle Loves Persol's Roadster

A secret box from Italy arrived at Spectacle the other day..............
Emma opened it up and found some new and exciting frames from Persol, the Roadster Edition.
With as much speed as we can we got these bad boys out and into our display garage.
You can check out the Persol Roadster Edition at all three Spectacle locations but hurry, supplies are limited

Saturday, June 25

Spectacle Loves Pride Week

Spectacle is happy to take part in this years pride celebration, especially considering a large part of it is happening in our own back yard.
Seems this year Queen St West (the home of our flagship boutique at 752)has been renamed "Queer St West"
Above you'll see Rob the head of our BIA displaying one of the many street signs declaring the change over and below you'll see a video of Mike Layton making everything official.

What does this mean to you, our fantastic client base? Well it means our entire sunglass selection is on sale as we keep out Summer Sunglass Sale going in honor of Pride 2011.
It doesn't matter who you are or what you do Spectacle Loves You and is proud to help serve your vision care needs

Friday, June 24

Kardinal Offishall Loves Spectacle

Long time friend of Spectacle Kardinal Offishall stopped by 752 Queen St W the other day to peruse what is new and hot in the world of eyewear.

Of course as always there was a plethora of things that "caught his eye" but, he became most enamored with the KBL Wild Card, one of the newest members of the Spectacle family of frames.

Keep your eyes peeled to videos and public appearances and you just may see Tdot's ambassador of cool rocking these bad boys.

Big up's Kardi, Spectacle Loves You!

Thursday, June 23

More Stars of the Spectacle Summer Sale!

Our showcase of Spectacle Summer Sale Sunglasses continues with a peek at what's in store at Spectacle Queen Street West.

Two of Spectacle's Finest Stylists and Opticians Kira and Jordan took time out from helping people find their new look to remind us that it's not just about what you wear, it's HOW you wear it...

This dynamic duo are both rocking two styles from Tom Ford: Jordan the TF150, an acetate and metal aviator, and Kira the voluptuous TF30, an acetate cat's eye.

Tom Ford TF150

Tom Ford TF30

Looking for shades of the sports-wear kind? Check out Carrera's famous Champion frame in a variety of colour combinations including the rich Transparent Red.

The Champ is hear... Carrera's Champion in Red

Or if Classic Cat's Eye shapes are more your style, Gucci has got you covered with the sleek metal 2891/S in black and gold.

Gucci 2891/S in Black and Gold

All these models and many more are in stock at Spectacle Queen Street West as our Spectacular Summer Sale continues! Stay tuned for more star pieces because Spectacle Loves You!

Tuesday, June 21

Spectacle Loves Strawberries

Al our wonderful RO came up with a great idea for our employees to beat the heat on the longest day of the year, Strawberries!

Nothing says "Summer Solstice" like delicious fresh fruit from a local Ontario farm.

Al, Kira, Tanja and Darren put on their favorite red frames cranked Strawberry Fields Forever and posed for the above photo

Here is a breakdown of the frames they used...........

Oliver Goldsmith - Love Me

Thierry Lasry - Obsessy

Mosley Tribes - Hayes

Oliver Peoples - Emilita

All four of these frames and a bunch of left over strawberry ends are available at 752 Queen St West and are part of our Summer Sunglass Sale

Monday, June 20

Stars of Spectacle's Summer Sale!

Spectacle's Summer Sale continues and as a taste of the selection in store, we thought we'd share some of our fav sunglasses now in stock at each location. First up, some of the stars of the Designer collections at Spectacle on Yonge Street...

Summer may not be the best time to break out the black leather pants unless you've got the matching Harley, but at least you can sport a tasteful bit of black, tan, or brown leather with Gucci's new 1943/S Shades:

Gucci 1943/S in Black Leather

With the entire surface of the frame including the temples and rim around the lens, swathed in leather, Gucci reminds us all that decadence comes in any material.

German design house Blinde, have been busy producing modern sunnies in a variety of materials. Characterized by distinct, wrapped frames that fit the contour's of the wearers head, designs by Blinde made waves in the eyewear world by providing the shades for the Matrix trilogy and since have been often imitated but never duplicated.

Blinde Now Behave, in Honey Yellow

The Now Behave model combines the classic, over-sized Jacky-O style with a distinct wrap which makes this style easier to wear on a wider range of face sizes.

Tom Ford's TF148 in Gold with Tortoise highlights

And for the Colin Firth in your life, look smashing in one of several men's aviators by Tom Ford including the TF148, a masculine shape with a touch of coloured acetate on the temples and eye-rim.

All of these sunnies are in stock and on sale at Spectacle on Yonge Street! Stop by today or into any Spectacle location to take advantage of 20% off select brands

Sunday, June 19

Weekend of Fun at Spectacle

Thanks to all the awesome clients that rolled through all three of our shops this weekend, with numerous festivals and events throughout the city this for sure felt like the offical kick off to the summer season.

Three ladies in particular had a heck of a time while visiting our West Queen West flagship boutique on Saturday.

Sonia, Melissa and Rita
came by and tried on a myriad of amazing frames some serious and some not so much, take a look.

And here are the goods that the ladies are sporting in the photo above

Jeremy Scott Mask By Linda Farrow projects. Whether you're a super hero fighting crime or someone looking to party incognito these frame have all your identities covered.

Tom Ford FT 0219. The caramel fade and over accaturated shape of these bad boys make them one of the most tried on frames in the store and you can see why, Rita looks great in them and they'll most likely be hers soon.

Jeremy Scott Fingers by Linda Farrow Projects. Another go to for that person who wants their eyewear to stand out. Spectacle is one of the few places where you can find these and for a good reason, frames this special are not for mass consumption.

Remember no matter who you are and what you do Spectacle is your stop for everything eyewear, sunwear and vision care.

Thanks for making this weekend fun guys and gals. Spectacle Loves You

Spectacle Loves Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's out there and a reminder that Spectacle's Summer Sunglass Sale is still on just in case your Pop's has been rocking the same shades since a father/son baseball game in the summer of 1967.

With the entire collection of sunnies on sale your sure to find something to turn the "old man" in to the modern man.

Spectacle's Distillery District and Queen St West shops will be open all day Sunday for your vision care needs, because Spectacle Loves You

Los Reales Love Spectacle

International sensations Los Reales have taken quite a shining to our little optical shop.

Before any publicity event, video shoot or awards show they usually stop by 752 Queen St West to exchange bro hugs and rent out some hot shades.

The same formula held true for their most recent video shoot (shot way down south of the border) for their new smash single Se Va. Check out all the loco frames popping off in this thing.

Kilo,MG,G Mar and their stylist grabbed some Carrera's, Dita's and a vintage Alpina mostly in white and got ready to set the world on fire.

Dita Grandmaster 3
Carrera Champion

Thanks for being our homies Los Reales, Spectacle Loves You

Saturday, June 18

Spectacle Loves Tina

Happy Birthday to our fabulous stylist Tina from all of us at work.

Spectacle Loves You girl

YSL Loves Spectacle Distillery District

Eric and Kelly our fine and dandy Distillery District team were treated like the royalty they are recently.

Seems Y.S.L. was in ye ole DD promoting their newest fragrance La Nuit De L'Homme. Once they spotted our spectacular spectacle crew they knew they had found their target audience.

A couple of glasses of champagne and some sweet looking sunglasses later everybody was in a good mood for Saturday shopping (yes the Spectacle Summer Sunglass Sale is still on).

Weather its a farmers market, a folk festival or new scents from fancy designers you never know what you'll find at the Distillery District, but you do know that Eric and Kelly will be there looking good in building B53
Check the YSL Facebook page for more shots of our model worthy employees frolicking in designer fragrance and remember Spectacle Loves You

Friday, June 17

Spectacle Loves E.J.

Young E.J. and his lovely Mom were faced with a quandary recently.

Seems E.J. was having trouble seeing the blackboard at school and his mama was having an equally tough time finding some stylish eye wear for her lil guy.

This is where we here at Spectacle come in, we have been outfitting the youth of tomorrow for years (check our kids frames section at our Yonge St store and by viewing at our other two locations)and were happy to help out E.J. and his mom.

Since E.J. was already super styling with his great hair we needed some frames to keep up the look,so naturally we went to a hip pair of kids Supers in crystal.

The results were outstanding and now E.J. is the most popular kid on the playground.

Good looks E.J. Spectacle Loves You

Spectacle Loves OG!!

The wonderfully creative team at Oliver Goldsmith has come up with another amazing collection this season. Sunnies so bright, they shine like gold and so cool you feel frozen in time when wearing them.

Check out the most excellent video they released to accompany this summers frames, inspired by the Marylin Monroe comedy classic Some Like It Hot.

Some Like It Hot - Oliver Goldsmith from The Spectacle Showcase on Vimeo.

Thanks for being so awesome Oliver Goldsmith, Spectacle Loves You

Tuesday, June 14

Shania Loves Spectacle

Recently we have been working with some top stylists to get our proverbial "Spectacle Style"out to the world, and boy howdy is it paying off.

Shania's stylist has been pulling a few pieces here and there from us, and now voila we see this photo of Ms Twain rocking the Dita Savoy from Spectacle

The Dita Savoy is available at Spectacle West Queen West also by viewing at our other locations and man do you feel like a woman when wearing it.

Thanks Shania, Spectacle Loves You

Sunday, June 12

Happy Birthday to Spectacle's Flagship Boutique

Spectacle's Queen St W location celebrated its 7th birthday the other day.

In honor of this monumental occaison our owner Jag had a very special cake commissioned.

Since Spectacle Loves You, our client base so much we decided y'all should have your cake and eat it to.

Once word got out that there was free cake to be had at 752 Queen St West the day took an even more spectacular turn.

Thanks to everyone for making these last 7 years so amazing and here is to many more to come.

- xoxo Spectacle

Anything Goes On Queen St

During a crazy yet some how seemingly normal Saturday at Spectacle our awesome stylist Mike a/k/a "Sweetness" encountered a couple of random events whilst out on his lunch break.

Seems there was a parade float going down Queen St with all types of farm animals on it in celebration of "Portugal Day" here in Toronto and at the same time the "World Naked Bike Ride" was heading the opposite direction!

Luckily Mike's sweet shades shielded his eyes from any potential disasters and he was able to return to work to where he encountered the craziest event of all the Spectacle's Summer Sunglass Sale! still going strong.

The entire sunglass collection at all three locations are on sale so hurry to your local Spectacle store and check it out.

*if your heading to the Queen St shop you may wanna give yourself some extra time, traffic is kinda crazy

Saturday, June 11

Village Day at Spectacle on Yonge Street!

It's Village Day at Lawrence Park and there's no shortage of things to see and people to meet! Every year the businesses and restaurants in the Lawrence Park neighbourhood take to the streets with free samples, special sales and even a clown or two...

...And no shortage of Balloons!

Spectacle on Yonge Street at Fairlawn Avenue is proud to take part in this year's Village Day with our Summer Sale featuring up to 20% off select designer brands including Dolce & Gabbana, Carrera, Versace, Tom Ford and more!

Dolce & Gabbana Model 4071

The Dakar 3 by Carrera

Versace Model 4198

All three of these models are on sale at Spectacle Yonge Street. So if you're on Yonge Street today between Lawrence Avenue and Donwoods Drive, make a stop in to Spectacle see what's in store for you!