Sunday, June 12

Anything Goes On Queen St

During a crazy yet some how seemingly normal Saturday at Spectacle our awesome stylist Mike a/k/a "Sweetness" encountered a couple of random events whilst out on his lunch break.

Seems there was a parade float going down Queen St with all types of farm animals on it in celebration of "Portugal Day" here in Toronto and at the same time the "World Naked Bike Ride" was heading the opposite direction!

Luckily Mike's sweet shades shielded his eyes from any potential disasters and he was able to return to work to where he encountered the craziest event of all the Spectacle's Summer Sunglass Sale! still going strong.

The entire sunglass collection at all three locations are on sale so hurry to your local Spectacle store and check it out.

*if your heading to the Queen St shop you may wanna give yourself some extra time, traffic is kinda crazy