Friday, June 17

Spectacle Loves E.J.

Young E.J. and his lovely Mom were faced with a quandary recently.

Seems E.J. was having trouble seeing the blackboard at school and his mama was having an equally tough time finding some stylish eye wear for her lil guy.

This is where we here at Spectacle come in, we have been outfitting the youth of tomorrow for years (check our kids frames section at our Yonge St store and by viewing at our other two locations)and were happy to help out E.J. and his mom.

Since E.J. was already super styling with his great hair we needed some frames to keep up the look,so naturally we went to a hip pair of kids Supers in crystal.

The results were outstanding and now E.J. is the most popular kid on the playground.

Good looks E.J. Spectacle Loves You