Saturday, June 18

YSL Loves Spectacle Distillery District

Eric and Kelly our fine and dandy Distillery District team were treated like the royalty they are recently.

Seems Y.S.L. was in ye ole DD promoting their newest fragrance La Nuit De L'Homme. Once they spotted our spectacular spectacle crew they knew they had found their target audience.

A couple of glasses of champagne and some sweet looking sunglasses later everybody was in a good mood for Saturday shopping (yes the Spectacle Summer Sunglass Sale is still on).

Weather its a farmers market, a folk festival or new scents from fancy designers you never know what you'll find at the Distillery District, but you do know that Eric and Kelly will be there looking good in building B53
Check the YSL Facebook page for more shots of our model worthy employees frolicking in designer fragrance and remember Spectacle Loves You