Sunday, July 31

Spectacle Loves Face a Face Sunglasses

Face a Face, the premier collection out of Paris, France (not Ontario) has been making beautiful frames for beautiful faces all around the world for sometime now.

With so many excellent choices in both their eye and sunglasses collections it has been hard for us to select the best of the best to display in our boutiques.

Luckily we have an amazing rep who is always willing to help out and a stellar buying team that is second to none.

This season we've brought in two particular sunnies that stand out from the pack

The Brune

The Garbo

Face a Face's sun collection is available to at our 752 Queen St W Flagship boutique and at our other locations by viewing.

Above photos thanks to the eyewear cartel, Spectacle Loves You.

Saturday, July 30

Ziliotto Loves Spectacle.

Our neighbours over at Ziliotto (764 Queen St W) have been doing an amazing You Tube series this summer helping you out with awesome style tips.

When the time came for them to tackle essential summer sunnies they looked no further then their pals down the street at Spectacle (752 Queen St W)

Check out the results......

And here is a closer look at the shades Emma was recommending

Oliver Peoples Sheldrake

Tim Van Steenbergen for Theo

Oliver Peoples J Gold

Thanks Ziliotto, Spectacle Loves You

Wednesday, July 27

Rachel and Michael Love Persol

Celebrity couple Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen were spotted recently going for a romantic bike ride in the neighborhood of Spectacle's West Queen West flagship boutique.

Soon after the paparazzi caught them on a leisurely stroll doing some shopping

The keen style team at Spectacle also noticed that Ms McAdams seems to be rocking the Persol 0649 in both shots.

We've been loving this frame for a long time too and even ordered it in a couple of "special colors" straight from Italy.

The special color Persol 0649's and many other beauties from the Persol collection are available at all three Spectacle locations because Spectacle Loves You

Tuesday, July 26

Spectacle Loves You, Please Like Us

Spectacle is pleased to offer you, our amazing clients a chance to win a $250 discount card valid at any of our locations.

All you have to do is "Like" our Facebook Fan Page and you will automatically be entered into our virtual draw.

This is your chance to win a little slice of "Spectacle Style" for yourself so what are waiting for?

Monday, July 25

Spectale Loves Sheet Metal Evolution

The fine folks at Ic! Berlin have been jokingly calling themselves "sheet metal salesmen" for the last few years now and all kidding aside they are totally right in their self description.

Take a look at the following video as IC!B founder and head honcho Raplh Anderl explains the process of manufacturing his revolutionary indestructible frames.

Not being one to rest on his laurels Ralph and his team of German engineers have taken this process and evolved it.

The result is frames with the appearance of hounds tooth and herringbone. One of the first models to get this treatment was the Urban a collaborative design with Alain Mikli's son Jeremy. See results below

Now we have the origin of a whole new species of glasses, Mr. Darwin would be proud!

Spectacle carries Ic! Berlin at all three of our locations because Spectacle Loves You

Sunday, July 24

Dress To Kill Magazine Loves Spectacle

Spectacle and Dress To Kill Magazine have been reaping the rewards of a mutually beneficial relationship for about a year now and this month is no exception.

Check out this awesome shot from their Jean Paul Gaultier tribute issue featuring the Dita Grandmaster II's

Thanks to super stylist Amy Lu Cameron for doing the pull on this one, it defiantly has an old school vs new school feel to it, just like the Grandmasters.

Stay fresh to death, Dress To Kill. Spectacle Loves You

Saturday, July 23

Customer Profile: Armand Zentil

Not much is known of the mystery man who calls himself Armand Zentil.

Every once in a while he will jet to Toronto from NYC and back again sometimes acquiring a new sailor tat and sometimes adding to his fantastic personal sunglasses portfolio.

Since sailor tattoos and kick ass shades are two things we at Spectacle also can get behind it only seems right and natural that Armand comes to us when he is in the big smoke.

Last time he was in picking up a few things he busted out his limited edition Mosley Tribes Beaded Lyndell a modern classic he got on one of his excursions
to our shop last year.

We still happen to have one of these bad boys under glass and for sale in the shop just waiting for someone as daring as Armand to make them their own.Until then we will wait until Mr Zentil graces us with his presence again.

Good looks Armand, Spectacle Loves You

Thursday, July 21

Spectacle Loves G.L.C.O.

Garret Leight's California cool optical collection created quite a stir with its debut collection this summer and it looks like the follow up slated for release in the fall is just as exciting. Take a look at the above sneak peek video and see for yourself.

Spectacle isn't the only one hip to GLCO and its Venice Beach inspired creations, check out all the press they have been getting

The man himself even showed up in this interview w Fader TV, you know you've made it when.

And here is a shot of the recent restock order we received bringing back many of out summertime favorites like the Rialto, Brooks and Hampton.

Thanks Garret, Spectacle Loves You

Wednesday, July 20

The Distillery Wears Prada

Spectacle's Distillery District shop just got in a shipment of Prada's fresh from Milano. Quicker then you can say Ciao Bella we opened it up and started sending them to our three locations throughout Toronto.

Here is Kelly sorting through and selecting the utmost premium frames to be displayed at Building B53 on Mill St.

And here are some of the fine frames you will see when you stop by the shop.




Check out Spectacle's superior selection of Prada's and your sure to feel cool even on these hot hot days

Tuesday, July 19

Special New Persol's Now At Spectacle

Spectacle has been having a love affair with some sexy Italian frames by Persol for many seasons now and this year our feeling have grown even stronger

So strong in fact that we asked them to send us some of our fav frames in secret colors direct from Italia and they were more then happy to oblige us.

This week our top secret cargo arrived and it sure was worth the wait, now the shelves at Spectacle are filled with even more beautiful frames in even more beautiful colors, take a look below...................

Spectacle is happy to continue to bring you the best of the best in frame selection because Spectacle Loves You

Saturday, July 16

Spectacle Is Best of The City

The uber intelligent folks at Toronto Life Magazine have come out with their annual "Best of The City" list and we are honored to be the only optical shop in town mentioned.

It was a vintage a-symetrical Cazal 0867 that caught the panel's eye and garnered us this most prestigious distinction, check out the frame in question below.....

With an unparalleled selection of both current and retro frames plus our total commitment to customer service we feel Spectacle is the best in Toronto and the country at what we do.

Thanks for the pub Toronto Life, Spectacle Loves You

Friday, July 15

Madonna and Elle Love Thierry Lasry

Spectacle has noticed that one of the newer members of our family of frames seems to be everywhere these days, as a result we have crowned Thierry Lasry the unofficial King of Summer 2011.

Elle Magazine's July issue features the Obsessy in bright red. This sexy sunny has been a shop and client favorite all season long.

Here is Madonna out and about enjoying a summer stroll in her TL Livleys, you know once Madge is up on something its gotta be hot.

And here are both of those frames on the shelves of Spectacle's West Queen West flagship just waiting for you to try them on because Spectacle Loves You.

Wednesday, July 13

50 Cent Loves Mosley Tribes

If any of you keen Spectacle spotters out there have caught 50 Cent's guest appearance in Nicole Scherzinger's ‘Right There’ video you'll be sure to notice he is rocking a staple of our proverbial "Spectacle Style" the Mosley Tribes Enforcer.

Spectacle has been showcasing this fine frame since it first appeared on the scene oh so many seasons ago.

Available in about as many colors as 50 has chains, some with polarized lenses and some with photochromatic lenses that get darker when exposed to the sun's natural UV but, no matter which color you go with you'll be looking fresh to death just like you stepped outta the candy shop (pun intended)

Tuesday, July 12

Spectacle Loves S+ARCK

Spectacle's love affair with creative French designer Philippe Starck has been going strong for a few years now and this seasons collection hasn't changed that one bit.

All of Philippe's frames are collaborations with Alain Mikli and come with the patented "Starck hinge" based on the human shoulder and shown off in the video below.

If that wasn't enough to blow your mind and make you run to your nearest Spectacle to try on a pair here is Tina and Ruth showing us that Starck isn't just for the fellas anymore, looking good girls.

The Starck Eyes collection is available at all three Spectacle stores, because Spectacle Loves You

Monday, July 11

More Stars of Spectacle's Summer Sale!

Spectacle's Summer Sunglass Sale is entering it's final weeks and we still have plenty of show-stopping sunnies in store!

Over the past month we've been featuring some of our favorite Sunglass models at each Spectacle location and our last stop is the Ye Olde Distillery District for a look at what's waiting for you...

Don't say it's name too loudly at your next dinner party, but the Mydixadryll by the wild child design house Chrome Hearts is waiting for someone who can pull off their edgy style. If you crave precious metals and meticulously handcrafted details try this piece by one of Karl Lagerfield's favorite brands.

Chrome Hearts - Mydixadryll

For a designer style that's as timeless as the Distillery neighbourhood itself, one of the latest offerings from Gucci, the 3138/S looks at first glance like a vintage frame circa 1960. A clear front and light touches of blue and silver on the temples complete the look.
Gucci's new 3138/S

And for a sportier style, Carrera's Safari frame in a variety of colours are a staple of summer, especially in brilliant colours like orange and blue - you'll feel like a kid in a candy store...

Carrera - Safari in Brilliant Orange

Each of these frames are in stock at Spectacle's Distillery Store, and remember kids, the Spectacle Summer Sale features up to 25% off select brands and wraps up Sunday July 31st.

With collections from around the world and an expert team of Stylists and Opticians to help you with your vision needs, pay a visit to any one of our three locations on Yonge Street at Lawrence Park, Queen Street West, and the Distillery District!