Saturday, July 23

Customer Profile: Armand Zentil

Not much is known of the mystery man who calls himself Armand Zentil.

Every once in a while he will jet to Toronto from NYC and back again sometimes acquiring a new sailor tat and sometimes adding to his fantastic personal sunglasses portfolio.

Since sailor tattoos and kick ass shades are two things we at Spectacle also can get behind it only seems right and natural that Armand comes to us when he is in the big smoke.

Last time he was in picking up a few things he busted out his limited edition Mosley Tribes Beaded Lyndell a modern classic he got on one of his excursions
to our shop last year.

We still happen to have one of these bad boys under glass and for sale in the shop just waiting for someone as daring as Armand to make them their own.Until then we will wait until Mr Zentil graces us with his presence again.

Good looks Armand, Spectacle Loves You