Monday, July 25

Spectale Loves Sheet Metal Evolution

The fine folks at Ic! Berlin have been jokingly calling themselves "sheet metal salesmen" for the last few years now and all kidding aside they are totally right in their self description.

Take a look at the following video as IC!B founder and head honcho Raplh Anderl explains the process of manufacturing his revolutionary indestructible frames.

Not being one to rest on his laurels Ralph and his team of German engineers have taken this process and evolved it.

The result is frames with the appearance of hounds tooth and herringbone. One of the first models to get this treatment was the Urban a collaborative design with Alain Mikli's son Jeremy. See results below

Now we have the origin of a whole new species of glasses, Mr. Darwin would be proud!

Spectacle carries Ic! Berlin at all three of our locations because Spectacle Loves You