Tuesday, August 30

Spectacle Loves Back To School

The Globe and Mail sent their superb stylist Corey Ng to our 752 Queen St W Flagship the other day to do a pull for a back to school story in the "Saturday Style Section"

Corey was looking for frames for both the kids going back to classes and the teachers returning to work. We were happy to hook him up with some styles that covered both sides of the chalk board. Take a look

Claire Goldsmith - Reid. Perfect for that fashionable teacher who is still staying current in their style

Paul Smith - Alderly. The pink crystal color and cute keyhole bridge make this frame as necessary as a backpack and pencil case when cruising the halls of higher education,.

Oliver Peoples - Riley. These glasses come in a cornucopia of colors and sizes perfect for both studying hard and looking good in the teachers lounge depending on your educational status.

Thanks to Corey and the Globe and Mail for all the love, Spectacle was so inspired by these fantastic photos we have started our BACK TO SCHOOL SALE!!! See your closest Spectacle location for details

Sunday, August 28

Oliver Peoples Loves Manhattan

Oliver Peoples Manhattan boutique is turning on the red light!!

Check out their new L.E.D. displays highlighting a couple of sexy shades from the Spring/Summer 2011 resort collection.

Oliver Peoples - Myriel

Oliver Peoples - Lipsofire

Naturally both of these styles in their full color schemes are available at our Spectacle boutiques as well. With an unprecedented selection of frames from the current Oliver Peoples collection and many rare vintage pieces we are proud to be a member of the O.P. extended family.

Thanks Oliver Peoples, Spectacle Loves You

Friday, August 26

Spectacle Loves Round Shades

We noticed a bunch of companies putting out round and roundish sunglass frames in their Spring/Summer 2011 collections. Being the astute stylists that we are we can safely say that more of these are on the way for the Fall/Winter season.

Keeping that in mind we decided to highlight some of our favourite circular sunnies to make it easy for our clients to see the cream of the crop.

Here are our picks

G.L.C.O.-Hampton. New guy on the scene Garret Leight, hit a home run with his debut optical/sun collection. All the looks are inspired by the beaches and lifestyle around his Venice Beach home. The Hampton (named after one of the more famous left coast beaches) is our choice as his best design.

Paul Smith-Elson. This frame combines an acetate front with smooth metal temples and photochromic (that means they get darker when you go outside) lenses to give the wearer a frame that can be worn both in and outdoors a double threat so to speak.

Raf Simmons for Linda Farrow - RAF21.
A collaborative effort between Mr Simmons and Mrs Farrow, this is a match made in heaven. It is both very current in the fashion sense and very classical in its design. We think it also looks super hot on both guys and gals.

Cutler and Gross -0736. One of the originators of geek chic, C&G have been doing what they do and doing it well for over 40 years. If these frames evoke a certain retro feeling it is not by accident my friends. Cutler and Gross were there from the beginning.

Anne Et Valentin -Freedom. This beautifully crafted frame combines both acetate and metal materials yet is still light weight with very strong defining features. Available in many color combination's this design feels more like art for your face then your average frame does.

All of these plus many more awesome shades in many shapes and colors can be found at our three Spectacle locations across the GTA because Spectacle Loves You.

Tuesday, August 23

S+ARCK's Move into their new Yonge Street Condo!

Spectacle on Yonge street has just unveiled a cozy new display for our collection of Starck frames, and they're making some of the other collections jealous with their swanky new digs!

One of the first, high profile collaborations in the eyewear world, Designer Philippe Starck lends his engineering prowess to eyewear legend Alain Mikli's custom Acetate colours and comfortable fit.

With the addition of the Starck BioLink hinge design, based on the human shoulder joint, the result is STARCK EYES, a line of eyewear unparalleled in comfort, durability and spectacular colours - and that's why Spectacle loves Starck Eyes!

The 0302 model, shown in red and bronze variants, is a semi-rimless design made from titanium and acetate. With it's softer-shaped browline, the 0302 is one of many flattering ladies shapes in the Starck Eyes collection.

The polished metal 0404 sunglass is built for comfort both with it's light weight frame and dark polarized lenses.

Sleek lines and matte finish of the 0404 set it apart from the crowd. Here you can see the temple posed at a 45 degree angle, with the Bio-Link hinge design that temple can rotate 360 degrees without stressing the frame.

These models and many more are in stock at Spectacle on Yonge Street where you always have your pick of a variety of shapes and colours because Spectacle Loves You!

And for a closer look at the unique hinge design, check out our earlier blogs here and here!

Sunday, August 21

Dan Levy Loves His Friends

Dan Levy
is man of many talents, writer, VJ, host and all around heck of a guy.

Check out his latest Flare column on the value of friends (something the team at Spectacle can totally agree with) by clicking Here

Mr Levy is also a man of many glasses, most of which you can see on him during his various media appearance. One pair in particular is near and dear to us and that is the Cutler and Gross 0772 in GB. Its a Spectacle staff and client favorite that we helped Dan add to his repertoire a year or so ago.

This paring of face and frame was definitely a match made in heaven as they look super great on Dan with out taking him too far out of his already established style.

Thanks for the insightful words and good looks Dan, Spectacle Loves You

Saturday, August 20

The Distillery Sees Berlin

Covert Affairs a sexy new TV show came to Spectacle recently looking for a sexy new location to shoot some scenes for their second season.

We were happy to help and before we knew it our Distillery District location was turned into Berlin, Germany. With our very own Eric smack dab in the middle of it all.

Das is good yeah!

Thanks Covert Affairs and Don Cornelius the location scout with soooooul, Spectacle Loves You

Wednesday, August 17

Spectacle Loves Tom Ford

Tom Ford has put out a plethora of designs this season as bold and sexy as the man himself, take a look

Tom Ford Nico
- A modern cats eye and the poster piece for his spring/summer 2011 collection

Tom Ford Ace - This shield can be rocked by both ladies, as a sleek over-sized sunnie or by gentleman looking to add something different to the look (check em out on LeBron James in GQ)

Tom Ford Campbell - A Tom Ford twist on the Ray Ban Wayfarer. This classic design is good for a casual jeans and t-shirt day and also awesome when you wanna dress it up with a dark suit.

Tom Ford Ali
- The hands down staff fav from this year. These frames require a certain amount of gusto to wear em but boy do they look fantastic in the uber over sized glamorous way.

The Tom Ford collection in all its fashionable excellence is available at Spectacle's 752 Queen St W and 3342 Yonge St boutique's and at our Distillery District location by viewing because Spectacle Loves You

Monday, August 15

Spectacle Loves The Flip Up

Our very own in house model Eric took some time recently to show off our in house flip-up that we can customize to fit most any shape of spectacles.

Eric had one made for his Oliver Peoples NDG-1 and the results were outstanding in every way.

See for yourself.

Thanks Eric, Spectacle Loves You

Saturday, August 13

Spectacle Queen St Loves IC! Berlin

Check out the new Ic! Berlin window we have put up at our 752 Queen St W flagship

We even added some xtra large IC! B posters to our "accent wall" because you know you can never have enough Ralph in your life.

Here are some of the goods on display and for sale inside.

And here are the stainless surgical steel sheets from which the IC! Berlin designs are cut.

Lets not forget every persons favorite, the mini Ic! Berlins, designed to show off the patented screwless hinge these cute little guys are a hit amongst all of our clients from 6- 60 years old.

Thanks for all the great stuff Ic! Berlin, Spectacle Loves You

Friday, August 12

The Distillery Does Dita

Spectacle's Distillery District boutique is getting some new arrivals to help beat the dog days of summer.

Our excellent style team has selected some fantastic Dita sunglasses to be displayed along with all of the wonderful Dita ophthalmic (that means regular glasses type glasses) frames already housed at building B53.

Here is a sampling of what you can find at ye olde D.D.

Dita Charger
Dita Corsica
Dita Beretta
Dita Savoy

The Dita sun collection is now being shown at Spectacle Queen St W, Spectacle Distillery District and at Spectacle Yonge St by viewing because, Spectacle Loves You!

Wednesday, August 10

Orgreen Loves Copenhagen

Eyewear companies and designers in general seem to be always trying to gain inspiration from the cities and countries they come from.

Think of Garret Leight and his Venice Beach California inspired spectacles or Ic! Berlin and their sleek sheet metal frames with modern screw-less hinge that is oh so German in its construction.

The fine folks at Orgreen Denmark have taken this idea to the next level with the release of their Skyline Series.

For this totally unique collection of both eye and sunglasses they have cut out the outline of the city of Copenhagen on the temples, check it out............

Now take a look at how the temple design compares to the real deal.

We think they nailed it with both the concept and construction of these frames which is why Spectacle is happy to house the Skyline Collection at our 752 Queen St W flagship and if Orgreen ever comes out with a Toronto model you know we'll be all over that too!

Thanks Orgreen, Spectacle Loves You

Monday, August 8

Paul Smith Loves Summer

Sir Paul Smith, he of the spectacles collection baring his name has gone on vacation for the summer (see photo above)

That does not mean however that his Spring/Summer 2011 designs have stopped working it oh so well, as they have been doing ever since their release.

While Sir Paul is off enjoying some fun in the sun lets enjoy the beautiful frames he crafted for us before his well deserved holiday.

Paul Smith Larkin
Paul Smith Tennyson
Paul Smith Foxley
Paul Smith Chaucer

See you in the fall Paul, Spectacle Loves You!