Wednesday, August 3

Action Man Now With Mini Mistinguett Sunglasses and Kung Fu Grip

Oliver Goldsmith's skilled sunglasses design team has really out done themselves this time.

As part of a charity auction for Help for Hero's as organized by Men's Health Magazine they have created a pair of mini mistinguetts shades to outfit a doll resembling "Action Man" the star of the first Men's Health movie. Check out the video above to watch the creation of this super styling little guy.

The mistinguettes look great in full size as well as seen on Mr Fredwreck the director of Snoop Dogg's latest video. Check him out in a doggumentary interview below.

And of course they look fantastic on the shelves of Spectacle's 752 Queen St W flagship boutique just waiting for someone to come in and try them on.......

Thanks Oliver Goldsmith, Spectacle Loves You