Sunday, August 21

Dan Levy Loves His Friends

Dan Levy
is man of many talents, writer, VJ, host and all around heck of a guy.

Check out his latest Flare column on the value of friends (something the team at Spectacle can totally agree with) by clicking Here

Mr Levy is also a man of many glasses, most of which you can see on him during his various media appearance. One pair in particular is near and dear to us and that is the Cutler and Gross 0772 in GB. Its a Spectacle staff and client favorite that we helped Dan add to his repertoire a year or so ago.

This paring of face and frame was definitely a match made in heaven as they look super great on Dan with out taking him too far out of his already established style.

Thanks for the insightful words and good looks Dan, Spectacle Loves You