Wednesday, August 10

Orgreen Loves Copenhagen

Eyewear companies and designers in general seem to be always trying to gain inspiration from the cities and countries they come from.

Think of Garret Leight and his Venice Beach California inspired spectacles or Ic! Berlin and their sleek sheet metal frames with modern screw-less hinge that is oh so German in its construction.

The fine folks at Orgreen Denmark have taken this idea to the next level with the release of their Skyline Series.

For this totally unique collection of both eye and sunglasses they have cut out the outline of the city of Copenhagen on the temples, check it out............

Now take a look at how the temple design compares to the real deal.

We think they nailed it with both the concept and construction of these frames which is why Spectacle is happy to house the Skyline Collection at our 752 Queen St W flagship and if Orgreen ever comes out with a Toronto model you know we'll be all over that too!

Thanks Orgreen, Spectacle Loves You