Tuesday, August 23

S+ARCK's Move into their new Yonge Street Condo!

Spectacle on Yonge street has just unveiled a cozy new display for our collection of Starck frames, and they're making some of the other collections jealous with their swanky new digs!

One of the first, high profile collaborations in the eyewear world, Designer Philippe Starck lends his engineering prowess to eyewear legend Alain Mikli's custom Acetate colours and comfortable fit.

With the addition of the Starck BioLink hinge design, based on the human shoulder joint, the result is STARCK EYES, a line of eyewear unparalleled in comfort, durability and spectacular colours - and that's why Spectacle loves Starck Eyes!

The 0302 model, shown in red and bronze variants, is a semi-rimless design made from titanium and acetate. With it's softer-shaped browline, the 0302 is one of many flattering ladies shapes in the Starck Eyes collection.

The polished metal 0404 sunglass is built for comfort both with it's light weight frame and dark polarized lenses.

Sleek lines and matte finish of the 0404 set it apart from the crowd. Here you can see the temple posed at a 45 degree angle, with the Bio-Link hinge design that temple can rotate 360 degrees without stressing the frame.

These models and many more are in stock at Spectacle on Yonge Street where you always have your pick of a variety of shapes and colours because Spectacle Loves You!

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