Tuesday, August 30

Spectacle Loves Back To School

The Globe and Mail sent their superb stylist Corey Ng to our 752 Queen St W Flagship the other day to do a pull for a back to school story in the "Saturday Style Section"

Corey was looking for frames for both the kids going back to classes and the teachers returning to work. We were happy to hook him up with some styles that covered both sides of the chalk board. Take a look

Claire Goldsmith - Reid. Perfect for that fashionable teacher who is still staying current in their style

Paul Smith - Alderly. The pink crystal color and cute keyhole bridge make this frame as necessary as a backpack and pencil case when cruising the halls of higher education,.

Oliver Peoples - Riley. These glasses come in a cornucopia of colors and sizes perfect for both studying hard and looking good in the teachers lounge depending on your educational status.

Thanks to Corey and the Globe and Mail for all the love, Spectacle was so inspired by these fantastic photos we have started our BACK TO SCHOOL SALE!!! See your closest Spectacle location for details