Friday, August 26

Spectacle Loves Round Shades

We noticed a bunch of companies putting out round and roundish sunglass frames in their Spring/Summer 2011 collections. Being the astute stylists that we are we can safely say that more of these are on the way for the Fall/Winter season.

Keeping that in mind we decided to highlight some of our favourite circular sunnies to make it easy for our clients to see the cream of the crop.

Here are our picks

G.L.C.O.-Hampton. New guy on the scene Garret Leight, hit a home run with his debut optical/sun collection. All the looks are inspired by the beaches and lifestyle around his Venice Beach home. The Hampton (named after one of the more famous left coast beaches) is our choice as his best design.

Paul Smith-Elson. This frame combines an acetate front with smooth metal temples and photochromic (that means they get darker when you go outside) lenses to give the wearer a frame that can be worn both in and outdoors a double threat so to speak.

Raf Simmons for Linda Farrow - RAF21.
A collaborative effort between Mr Simmons and Mrs Farrow, this is a match made in heaven. It is both very current in the fashion sense and very classical in its design. We think it also looks super hot on both guys and gals.

Cutler and Gross -0736. One of the originators of geek chic, C&G have been doing what they do and doing it well for over 40 years. If these frames evoke a certain retro feeling it is not by accident my friends. Cutler and Gross were there from the beginning.

Anne Et Valentin -Freedom. This beautifully crafted frame combines both acetate and metal materials yet is still light weight with very strong defining features. Available in many color combination's this design feels more like art for your face then your average frame does.

All of these plus many more awesome shades in many shapes and colors can be found at our three Spectacle locations across the GTA because Spectacle Loves You.