Friday, September 30

The Distillery Loves Ic! Berlin's Power Law

Ic! Berlin's Power Law sunglasses have just been nominated for the Silmo d'or 2011, which is given out each year in Paris for the best designed frames.

We at Spectacle can see why, one look at these shades and it was love at first sight especially for the team at Spectacles Distillery District who can't stop raving about this thing.

The rest of the Spectacle Universe has heeded their cry and now the Ic! Berlin Power Law is available at all three Spectacle locations along with a lot of other awesomeness from the rest of the collection.

Why? Because Spectacle Loves You, that's why!

Thursday, September 29

Spectacle Loves Prada

Prada just unleashed this super futuristic video for their fall/winter 2011/2012 collection of clothing and sunwear

From the ultra cool 3D to some of the clothes and glasses shown we are big fans as it is nice to see a big fashion house doing something different.

The Prada collection is housed at all three Spectacle locations because, Spectacle Loves You.

Wednesday, September 28

Sam James Loves Spectacle

In just a short time award winning baristo and all around swell guy Sam James has left his mark on Toronto

The proprietor of two coffee bars barring his name, Sam is a man who likes to serve things up his own way.

While visiting his pals at Spectacles West Queen West flagship the other day Sam took some time to model a vintage pair of Cazal 902's for us. The results were as fresh and as hot as a cup of java, if we do say ourselves.

Keep brewing beautiful things Sam, Spectacle Loves You

Monday, September 26

Spectacle is Mad About Theo!

We've been indulging our sweet tooth at Spectacle on Yonge Street with some of the sweetest eye candy you've ever seen! There's nothing that compares to Theo, renowned Belgian purveyors of bold and beautiful frames.

In addition to our delicious window display, we've got a wide selection of this diverse line in-store. From vibrant colours to warm subdued tones - luscious and bold acetate shapes to subtle titanium, there is a Theo frame for every face and every taste.

The semi-rimless Chapeau frame in blue (left), is a conservative approach that gives a glimpse of just how diverse Theo can get even in their titanium line, especially when seen next to the bold and brilliant Cinquante+quatre (right).

Theo has built a reputation on vibrant and robust designs like the Bianchi (left) and the epic cat's eye shape that is the Soixante-un (right). Few designers offer the range of colours that Theo produces for each design, whatever your pallet, Theo has your flavour!

To try on some more flavours by Theo, pop by Spectacle on Yonge street, just north of Lawrence Avenue...just be sure to bring your sweet tooth!

And for more styles and info, check out our earlier posts here and here!

Saturday, September 24

Spectacle Loves West Rock Art Metal

When we stepped out of our shop at this years Distillery Art Show we were instantly captivated by the large metal steed directly to our left.

Check our the horse and its creator for yourself.............

Ruta Wilson aka West Rock Art Metal is located in Owen Sound and specializes in transforming glass and recycled metal into art for your home and garden.

You can check out more of her work here we love the concept and design of her work. Now its just a matter of which Spectacle staffer has room in their solarium for that horse?

Thanks Ruta, Spectacle Loves You!

Friday, September 23

David Bowie Loves Round Glasses

The Thin White Duke rocking a very cool pair of vintage round specs in his 1969 video for Space Oddity.

Even in the glasses world design trends always seem to come back around again.

Thanks Mr Bowie, Spectacle Loves You

Wednesday, September 21

Spectacle Loves The People

And you should love us too! The perfect opportunity for you to show your love is to go online and vote for us in Now Magazine's annual "Best Of" polls

To make it easy for you, here is a link to the Shopping Section of the poll.

You'll find us under Best Optical Store and since we are the defending champs, all you have to do is click on "agree" and you're good to go.

Thanks in advance for your support guys and gals, Spectacle Loves You

Tuesday, September 20

Fritz Helder Loves Spectacle

Fritz is one crazy and cool cat. Besides fronting his own international super group Fritz Helder and the Phantoms he also lends his vocal talents to Azari & III one of the hottest dance acts on the planet.

Check out the A&III video for their smash hit Hungry For The Power (featuring many shades from Spectacle) and you will know why.

Fritz came by our 752 Queen St W flagship last week to grab a sexy set of specs before heading of on a little fall tour of Asia, including Shang-Hi and Hong Kong.

He was immediately drawn to the Retro Super Future Peoples in black with gold temples, a frame as classy and daring as the man wearing it (see pic above with Spectacles own Tanja).

Good luck on the tour Fritz, Spectacle Loves You

Sunday, September 18

Spectacle Loves D3N!@L

Street artist D3N!@L got our attention at this years Distillery Art Show for sure and not just because his tent was right across from our building B53 shop, his art is large in both size and presence. Using mixed media materials and an old school graffiti influence D3N!@L makes pieces that make you think and feel classy at the same time, after all that is what art is all about right??

Here is the artists manifesto straight from his own website.
DENIAL, or “D3N!@L” is a Canadian graffiti and mixed-media artist. His moniker is a phonetic mix-up representing his first name, and by definition, pokes fun at modern advertising, politics, and media messages that society is often “in denial” about. DENIAL is known for his prolific guerrilla-marketing campaign, which takes public aim at ideas involving social-justice, pop-culture, mass-media, and “New World Order” conspiracy theories. With over 500,000 of his adhesive logos displayed in public places around the world, the DENIAL PROJECT has become a conceptual piece of marketing absurdism. DENIAL intends to challenge traditional ideas about graffiti and public art, as well as the excessive corporate use of public space.

Thanks D3N!@L, Spectacle Loves You!

Saturday, September 17

The Globe and Mail Loves Spectacle Style

If you are perusing the Globe and Mail style section this weekend you will notice a feature on "Well Rounded" sunglasses featuring many of the sunnies you can find on the shelves of Spectacle.

In face some of these frames were also featured in one of our recent blog posts

Here is some of the product the Globe chose to feature...

Anne et Valentin - Satori.

Retro Super Future - Lucia

Thanks to Alon Freeman for his usual smart styling on this and Spectacle employee Darren's old high school friend Maggie Wrobel who did the write up for the G&M, Spectacle Loves You

Thursday, September 15

Customer Profile Suzanne MacRury

Suzanne MacRury is a local artist who stumbled into our 752 Queen St W flagship the other day and next thing you know had made friends with our helpful staff

Not only did we hook her hoop with a superior looking frame (The Barton Perreira Caine in Ferngully)but we also told her we would help plug her upcoming art show.

Check out all the info below

Here is a quote from Suzanne's website to give you a lil more insight to her art.

My name is Suzanne MacRury and I am an artist, a painter. Although I have worked with many mediums, I presently use primarily paint and resin on either wood or panel. My style has also changed throughout the years, a process that has led me to abstract art. To quote my painting inspiration, Salvador Dali; “The secret, the best kept secret is that the most famous painter in the world, which I am , does not yet know how to go about painting…” Enjoy, Suzanne

Thanks Suzanne, Spectacle Loves You

Monday, September 12

An Affair to Remember, Chanel and Maison Desrues!

Fall is almost upon us but worry not! Even though the weather might be starting to cool down, Chanel always knows how to keep it hot with sunnies and specs for your inner debutante...

3202 in colour 1101

The 3202, seen in light tortoise pattern here, continues Chanel's Bouton Collection which features the custom designed buttons on the temple. The collection is an inspired collaboration between Chanel and accessory/jewelry designers Maison Desrues.

5190 in colour 501/3C

In addition, the Maison Desrues theme includes sunglasses like the 5190, a vintage inspired set of shades that bring to mind the classic looks worn by Audrey Hepburn and Sophie Loren.

Why not rock a look that shows off some metal work and bright lens colours in the 4179, a ladies aviator available in a wide range of fashion tints including gradient pink, chocolate, mirrored gold and gradient blue to name a few...

4179 in colour 417/3B

4179 in colour 124/3P

These models and more are available at Spectacle Lawrence Park at Fairlawn Avenue. Let us get you looking and seeing your very best this fall!

Wednesday, September 7

Spectacle Loves the Distillery Art Show

Spectacle had a chance to check out the Distillery District Arts Show this weekend as it was going on in one of our own back yards.

We saw a ton of cool art/artists and decided to do a little profile on some of our favs, first up is Paul Elia.

Paul is an OCAD graduate, who's panoramic shots of Queen St W in Toronto (home of our flagship boutique) and of Hamilton AKA The Steel City really captured our eye.

Here is Paul's explanation of the Hamilton Strip.
HAMILTON STRIP depicts distinct and interesting Hamilton cityscapes. Entire city blocks (or strips) are recreated in heavy tones of black, white and gray. Focusing on downtown and central Hamilton neighbourhoods, these drawings are meant to highlight the surreal contrast between the imposing industrial shells from a manufacturing history vs. the residential development around it.

The large panoramic prints are 8ft. long, allowing the viewer to literally walk down the block. The Hamilton Strip series has been evolving to include some muted colours and feature more cities in the Ontario “rustbelt” such as Windsor, Sarnia, Brantford, Toronto and Oshawa. All of these cities face similar challenges as they cope with contemporary industrial / manufacturing realities.

Check out more of Paul's work at his own website and stay tuned to our blog for more mini profiles from the Distillery Arts Show because Spectacle Loves You

Sunday, September 4

Spectacle Works Hard For It Honey

Spectacle's Yonge and Queen St locations will be closed on Monday Sept 5th for a well deserved rest to celebrate Labour Day.

Our Distillery District shop will remain open from 11-5 for all your eye and sunwear needs.

We hope all of you have a great long weekend and remember Spectacle Loves You!!

Thursday, September 1

More Reasons to Love this Time of Year!

It's that time of year again! Time to hit the books with style and Parisian eyewear designers Face a Face have got a few new surprises for the Professor, Pupil and the student of life in us all!

Here one of Spectacle's own stylists, Erin, proves she needs no schooling in style with the new, classy black "Macho 1" frame. Not to be out done of course, is Spectacle Optician, Kelly, rocking the "Swann 2" in deep red and tortoise.

SWANN 2 in colour 872

MACHO 1 in colour 100

And for the pensive guy or gal, how about rockin a retro colour scheme on a fresh and modern shape like our stylist Michael in his "DJINN 1" seen here in gradient black and crystal...

While you look for that next good read, be sure to keep those frames safe and secure with a La Loop necklace, the functional, hinged-loop fashion accessory that keeps your glasses hanging straight while you dig for that elusive 1st edition...

DJINN 1 in colour 390 (Black/crystal)

The ultimate eyeglass accessory, La Loop's 557 model features a leather rope in black and tan versions for him and a range of dress styles for her!

Face A Face and La Loop have you covered in these models and a host of others in stock at Spectacle on Yonge Street, at Lawrence Park. We'll always help you find a face for every season because Spectacle Loves You!