Thursday, September 15

Customer Profile Suzanne MacRury

Suzanne MacRury is a local artist who stumbled into our 752 Queen St W flagship the other day and next thing you know had made friends with our helpful staff

Not only did we hook her hoop with a superior looking frame (The Barton Perreira Caine in Ferngully)but we also told her we would help plug her upcoming art show.

Check out all the info below

Here is a quote from Suzanne's website to give you a lil more insight to her art.

My name is Suzanne MacRury and I am an artist, a painter. Although I have worked with many mediums, I presently use primarily paint and resin on either wood or panel. My style has also changed throughout the years, a process that has led me to abstract art. To quote my painting inspiration, Salvador Dali; “The secret, the best kept secret is that the most famous painter in the world, which I am , does not yet know how to go about painting…” Enjoy, Suzanne

Thanks Suzanne, Spectacle Loves You