Wednesday, September 7

Spectacle Loves the Distillery Art Show

Spectacle had a chance to check out the Distillery District Arts Show this weekend as it was going on in one of our own back yards.

We saw a ton of cool art/artists and decided to do a little profile on some of our favs, first up is Paul Elia.

Paul is an OCAD graduate, who's panoramic shots of Queen St W in Toronto (home of our flagship boutique) and of Hamilton AKA The Steel City really captured our eye.

Here is Paul's explanation of the Hamilton Strip.
HAMILTON STRIP depicts distinct and interesting Hamilton cityscapes. Entire city blocks (or strips) are recreated in heavy tones of black, white and gray. Focusing on downtown and central Hamilton neighbourhoods, these drawings are meant to highlight the surreal contrast between the imposing industrial shells from a manufacturing history vs. the residential development around it.

The large panoramic prints are 8ft. long, allowing the viewer to literally walk down the block. The Hamilton Strip series has been evolving to include some muted colours and feature more cities in the Ontario “rustbelt” such as Windsor, Sarnia, Brantford, Toronto and Oshawa. All of these cities face similar challenges as they cope with contemporary industrial / manufacturing realities.

Check out more of Paul's work at his own website and stay tuned to our blog for more mini profiles from the Distillery Arts Show because Spectacle Loves You