Wednesday, November 30

Happy Birthday Spectacle Distillery District !!

A big Happy Birthday to our Distillery District Boutique, who turns 4 years old today!!

From our outpost in historic building #53 we have seen a lot of fun frames and faces, here is a look back at some of our favorites.......

Our celebration wouldn't be complete with out someone singing us "happy birthday" and really who better then Marylin to do that.

A special thanks to Zach Zimmerman for some of the photos above and all of the awesome clients that have supported this shop since its humble beginnings, we have some super special things in store for 2012 because Spectacle Loves You!

Tuesday, November 29

The Lovely Ladies of Chanel

Recently, our friends at Chanel unveiled the new face behind their iconic eyewear collection...

Indeed, Claudia Schiffer will now be voguin' it up this season to showcase the latest pieces from everyone's fav Parisian fashion house. And you know, Claudia rocks those Chanel frames almost as well as Spectacle's own femme fatale, Kelly in the 3203 model.

3203 fits like a classic little black dress.

You can catch the lovely Kelly, and the rest of the Chanel collection at Spectacle's Lawrence Park shop on Yonge Street, just north of Farilawn Ave. Check out some highlights of the collection here!

Friday, November 25

Stephen is one Goodman

Stephen Goodman enjoys the finer things in life, a good book, his wonderful family, coastal living and of course amazing Alain Mikli eyewear.

Stephen has been coming to his pals at Spectacle for a few years now to help him out with the later of his loves and the results have been more then mutually beneficial, we get a model for some of our more adventurous frames and Stephen keeps his addiction fed.

Check out our man in his newest selection the Mikli 1029 straight from the current matt collection

Keep Looking good Stephen, Spectacle Loves You

Thursday, November 24

Spectacle Loves Jay-Z (part 2)

Pronounced [jay-zɛd] for our Canadian fans.

Spent Wednesday night at the ACC watching Jay-Z and Kanye West. The last time we saw him was back in 2009 when we were backstage helping Pharrell pick out a pair of our vintage shades.

Sunday, November 20

Spectacle is getting Graz'd

Graz Mulchay is on a mission. A solo mission to breathe fresh air into the crowded world of eyewear.

Spectacle has been seeking like minded people on such a mission since we first opened our doors over a decade ago, now that our paths have crossed so look for the 2011 Graz collection on the shelves of our 752 Queen St West flagship boutique very very soon.

It seems without even knowing it we have been fans of Graz's work for a while since he was the driving force behind Australian shades juggernaut Ksubi.

With his signature collection Graz has taken inspiration from the "beauty that presents itself every single second in every single thing"

The Joel pictured below is good example of this philosophy, it is stunning in its simplicity and beautifully bold with out being over the top.

The rest of this collection as stated above will be debuting at Spectacle West Queen West any day now because Spectacle Loves You.

Saturday, November 19

More Reasons to Love our Favorite Berlin Design House!

Fresh off their recent award-winning appearance at the Silmo Optical Show, I.C. Berlin is riding high with a few new surprises and you can bet Spectacle has got em!

Famous for their light-weight stainless steel construction, each frame is laser cut and assembled without any bolts or solder points. And some of their latest specs have taken that laser cutting even further with unique patterns now etched right onto the steel frames.



The Alpenrose and Männertreu each feature patterns on the fronts and temples, contrasting the polished steel with finely detailed textures.


Even their luxurious Trés Chic Sunglass Collection features this unique laser-etched styling.

Take a closer look and you can make out the snowflakes across the front of the Alpenrose.

The horizontal pinstripes on the Männertreu contrast the polished finish and in different light have an almost matte appearance.

Sunglasses like the Indomptable show off a range of organic textures like spiderwebs and cracked leather.

These and other classic I.C.Berlin shapes are in stock at Spectacle on Yonge Street as well as our Queen Street and Distillery District locations because Spectacle Loves You!

And for highlights of their award-winning Sunglass check out the Power Law here and some of our other favs here!

Thursday, November 17

New Mikli Window at Queen St

If you are planning a trip to West Queen West anytime soon make sure to wander by 752 and take a look at our flagship boutique and its new window display.

Right now we are highlighting the beautiful creations of Alian Mikli and his "Matt Collection".

In case you need a reminder of what makes these frames so special here is a link to an older blog post we did when they were first released.

Our window display maybe only up at the Queen St store but the glasses themselves can be found at all three of our locations where our wonderful team of stylists and Opticians are waiting to help you out with any of your vision care needs

Wednesday, November 16

Spectacle Loves THE - O

One of the core members of the Spectacle Family is Theo, think of them as our cool older uncle or aunt.

The design house from Belgium is well known for the original concepts and unique shapes of its eyewear. Something we can appreciate for sure.

In fact we have spent a good amount of time on our blog talking about how great these frames are check it out our previous entries by clicking here, here and here.

Since we love this collection so much we have just decided to move some of our favourite shapes to our Distillery District location to couple with the ones already on display at our Yonge St Boutique. Including some of the STHERO Collection which is uber cool.

Of course if you want to see them at Queen St we would be more then happy to arrange of viewing of any model in stock for you, just ask

Sunday, November 13

Beautiful Buffalo Horn Frames at Spectacle

Some very special frames are on display at Spectacle's flagship boutique.

Inside and under glass you will find some exquisite frames from Alain Mikli and Lindberg made from buffalo horn and including other precious materials such as white gold.

The fine craftsmen at both Mikli and Lindberg have taken pain staking efforts to create these luxury collections from the finest resources available and the results show.

The frames pictured above as mentioned are at Spectacle Queen St but are available by viewing at our other two locations.

Saturday, November 12

Mosley Tribes Brings the Love this Fall

The best thing about this time of year is that you can't take a step outside without getting an eyeful of the vibrant colours that come with the changing of the seasons. And what better inspiration for some fall sunglass colours than some of our favorite aviator shapes by Mosley Tribes!

The "Dunn" just hangin' out this fall.

We're all created a little differently so it's always nice to see a line of frames, especially aviators, that offer more than one generic shape. Mosley Tribes has one of the most diverse collections of shapes and colours, offering some of the best aviators available.

The Lyndel, one of the most recognizable acetate Mosleys, shows off a signature matte finish.

In addition to the aviators, the line also has a number of classic shapes in acetate. What they all have in common are the VFX Mineral Glass lenses available with Polarized filters and even Photochromic technology.

The Aviatrix, seen here with Photochromic VFX lenses - When exposed to UV rays, the lenses darken up for extra brightness control.

Popular with guys and gals, the Aviatrix also features the soft cushion silicone nose pads and temple tips that come on all of their aviators.

All of these styles are in stock now at Spectale Lawrence Park, just north of Fairlawn Ave. And there's lots more Mosley Tribes lovin here and here!

Thursday, November 10

Spectacle Wins Best of T.O.

For the 7th year in a row the city of Toronto has voted us the best optical shop in Now Magazines annual readers poll.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your continued love and support we will keep on doing what we do because Spectacle Loves You

Wednesday, November 9

We Adore Dior at The Distillery

Looking for a fancy gift for yourself (cuz you deserve it) or somebody else in your life?

Well look no further then the new batch of shades from legendary design house Dior arriving any day now at Spectacle's Distillery District boutique.

Featuring strong aviator shapes for men from the Dior Homme line and a plethora of glam ladies sunnies in all sizes and colors (some with gold mirror!) this seasons pieces make up one of the most versatile fashion collections around no matter how you look at it.

Thanks for starting something special Christian, Spectacle Loves You

Sunday, November 6

Customer Profile Johnny Cheung

Johnny Cheung is one rugged individual. We first met our main man when he came by the 752 Queen St W flagship looking for some eyewear as bold and in charge as he is.

It didn't take our stylists long to hook him up with the Dita Insider a frame that screams "Im the boss" just like Johnny.

Our next challenge was to make magic happen again, luckily for Johnny making magic is what we at Spectacle specialize in.

After some careful consideration we came up with a most excellent complimentary look for JC, the Moscot Lemtosh with a custom flip up clip on.

Who says lightning can't strike the same spot twice?
The Dita collection is available at all 3 of our Spectacle boutiques. Moscot is currently being house at Spectacle Yonge St but is available at the Queen St and Distillery District locations via viewing.

Big ups to Johnny Chueng, Spectacle Loves You!