Saturday, November 19

More Reasons to Love our Favorite Berlin Design House!

Fresh off their recent award-winning appearance at the Silmo Optical Show, I.C. Berlin is riding high with a few new surprises and you can bet Spectacle has got em!

Famous for their light-weight stainless steel construction, each frame is laser cut and assembled without any bolts or solder points. And some of their latest specs have taken that laser cutting even further with unique patterns now etched right onto the steel frames.



The Alpenrose and Männertreu each feature patterns on the fronts and temples, contrasting the polished steel with finely detailed textures.


Even their luxurious Trés Chic Sunglass Collection features this unique laser-etched styling.

Take a closer look and you can make out the snowflakes across the front of the Alpenrose.

The horizontal pinstripes on the Männertreu contrast the polished finish and in different light have an almost matte appearance.

Sunglasses like the Indomptable show off a range of organic textures like spiderwebs and cracked leather.

These and other classic I.C.Berlin shapes are in stock at Spectacle on Yonge Street as well as our Queen Street and Distillery District locations because Spectacle Loves You!

And for highlights of their award-winning Sunglass check out the Power Law here and some of our other favs here!