Saturday, November 12

Mosley Tribes Brings the Love this Fall

The best thing about this time of year is that you can't take a step outside without getting an eyeful of the vibrant colours that come with the changing of the seasons. And what better inspiration for some fall sunglass colours than some of our favorite aviator shapes by Mosley Tribes!

The "Dunn" just hangin' out this fall.

We're all created a little differently so it's always nice to see a line of frames, especially aviators, that offer more than one generic shape. Mosley Tribes has one of the most diverse collections of shapes and colours, offering some of the best aviators available.

The Lyndel, one of the most recognizable acetate Mosleys, shows off a signature matte finish.

In addition to the aviators, the line also has a number of classic shapes in acetate. What they all have in common are the VFX Mineral Glass lenses available with Polarized filters and even Photochromic technology.

The Aviatrix, seen here with Photochromic VFX lenses - When exposed to UV rays, the lenses darken up for extra brightness control.

Popular with guys and gals, the Aviatrix also features the soft cushion silicone nose pads and temple tips that come on all of their aviators.

All of these styles are in stock now at Spectale Lawrence Park, just north of Fairlawn Ave. And there's lots more Mosley Tribes lovin here and here!