Thursday, December 8

G.L.C.O. 2012 Is Here

It is definitely feeling like a certain gift related holiday is right around the corner with all the wonderful boxes we've been unpacking at Spectacle. Last week we were all jazzed about the new arrivals by Thierry Lasry and the Goldsmith family.

This week we are geeked for Garrett Leight California Optical (G.L.C.O.)and with good reason, check out the swanky promo video below....

Garrett is the son of Larry Leight the founder of Oliver Peoples but you already knew that from our blog post about his debut collection

For season number two Garrett stuck with what works, meaning more "neo Americana" inspired frames with a twist of California cool. Take a look for yourself...

G.L.C.O, 2012 will be on primarily on display at our Queen St store for the time being but is available by viewing at Yonge St and the Distillery District.