Tuesday, January 24

Oliver Peoples Presents The Soloist Collection

Spectacle is proud to announce another unique collaboration now available at our Queen West Boutique...

The Soloist is a collaboration series with emerging fashion label TAKAHIROMIYASHITA TheSoloIst., by Japanese designer Takahiro Miyashita. Previously known for creating the edgy cult menswear brand Number (N)ine, Miyashita is praised in the men’s fashion world as a true visionary.
"The Round" is the distinctive double bridge frame of The Soloist Collection.
As a fan of Oliver Peoples, he was inspired by the understated styling and attention to detail for which the brand is known.
TheSoloIst. frames were constructed under a “salvage” philosophy. It was important to Miyashita that nothing new was produced unnecessarily, and that when possible, stock parts from vintage eyewear be incorporated into the design. Old factories and warehouses were scoured for original pieces and turned out to be goldmines.

"The Round" in Aged Gold with Tortoise Brow Bar.      

Also very sharp in Brushed Silver.

When original parts could not be located, a year was spent replicating classical techniques with the original tooling used for Oliver Peoples frames close to 25 years ago. Finally the designs were infused with Miyashita’s original style and the combined parts were successfully reborn as luxury eyewear. The finished product is a masterpiece of old and new – vintage and vintage inspired.
"The Teardrop" is the Sunglass counterpart of the Soloist Collection.

"The Teardrop" continues the brushed, aged gold and silver look.

Also available in Matte Black, "The Teardrop comeswith Polarized and high-transmission lenses.

The rarity of the vintage parts makes these precious pieces a true collector’s item.
Miyashita explains, “This collaboration is going to be a new standard. I am very honored and grateful for the result.”
“The frames feel like a culmination of the many lessons I’ve learned over the years of designing with new and old technology,” says Larry Leight, Oliver Peoples Founder and Creative Director. “The styles are completely unique and at the moment they are hard for me to take off. I just really love them!”

The complete Soloist Collection is available at our Flagship Boutique at 752 Queen Street West!