Friday, March 30

Harry Lary and Thierry Lasry: Bright, Fun Style

Harry Lary's is a brand which was founded by Harry Lasry and has been taken over by his son, Thierry Lasry.  All of the frames are handmade in France.
"Diversity" in colour 633 adds a splash of pink, purple, and orange hues

"Ceremony" frame in a bright yellow shade

The brand is driven by creativity and uniqueness and it really shows through their frame designs.  Another cool aspect of Harry Lary's collections is that it relies solely on its appearance to stir interest as it does not offer a visible logo anywhere when wearing the glasses.  With a heavy focus on coloured patterns and bright hues, Harry Lary's 2012 collection is perfect for Spring and Summer.  If you are the type who enjoys making a bold statement with your eyewear, Harry Lary may be the perfect brand for you!
"Shooty" in black with colour splatter pattern
"Primitivy" in black -- even Harry Lary's solid frames are bold and unique!

Harry Lary's fun, fresh take on eyewear frames makes it one of the prominent leaders in stand-out glasses and shades.  Thierry Lasry also has his own line of sunglasses which includes more bold prints and interesting frame textures.  Thierry's frames are also handmade in France.

"Adultry" creates a textured look and is very modern with more feminine lenses

"Agony" in an ivory style -- much like "Adultry" it also has a textured look on the top half of the frames

Thierry hopes to create futuristic frames and lenses with a vintage touch, and he really captures this style throughout his collections.
"Annalinny" in a colour-splatter style

"Sexxxy" in dark blue makes a bold statement and is a stunning look