Saturday, March 24

Horn-Rimmed Vs. Horn Rim

Although we’ve seen our fair share of chunky acetate frames, we still chuckle when a client asks to see a "horn-rim" style.

Many collections offer horn-rim style eyeglasses, however very few actually design real horn rim eyewear.

Buffalo horn had been used since the 1890s and was a common material for spectacle frames, however with technological changes and environmental awareness, buffalo horn eventually become less widely used.

 For a certain discriminating and stylish few, buffalo horn never went away. and is now experiencing somewhat of resurgence with younger generations.

 There are many benefits to wearing horn frames. Horn is a hypoallergenic material, very light weight and can be beautifully polished to an almost transparent airiness.

As well, horn used for eyeglasses is a natural by-product of Asian water buffalo, which are used domestically for farming, transportation and food...thinking buffalo mozzarella.

Spectacle has the Lindberg precious line featuring all types of Buffalo horn and diamond luxury on display at our West Queen West and Yonge St boutiques and it is available by viewing at the Distillery any time you like.

Stay tuned to the blog for some more exciting Buffalo Horn related news later this year...........