Sunday, April 1

Orgreen 2012 Collection

"Hoxton" from the new "Helium" collection

 The volcanic scenery of Iceland was the perfect setting for the 2012 collection from Orgreen.

Between harsh rocks and steaming mist stationed, the focus of the campaign is not solely on the eyewear but the overall picture of an adventurous and cultured lifestyle.


 The latest collection of eyewear Orgreen convinced by Scandinavian lifestyle as before with a mix of vintage and minimalism. Much use of metal, but also of material, mixes toned metals and colored acetate to create a straight-line design with dreamy style elements.

Dominant hue is blue, with a spread between light turquoise to deep dark blue tones.  Orgreen's 2012 collection is very clean and sharp in appearance and is excellent for those searching for a stylish, innovative frame.

"Kiddo" from the new "Airline" collection

"Alice" from the new "Helium" collection