Thursday, May 10

La Loop: The Must-Have Fashion Accessory for All Eyewear Lovers!

La Loop

We have some brand new La Loop necklace models in at all 3 Spectacle locations!  La Loop was created by designer Elizabeth Faraut based on necessity - she wanted a place to keep her eyewear when not using it that still looked fashionable.  Elizabeth even still travels to trade shows to personally choose gems and stones to be used!

A dog tag example

Nicely designed loop!

La Loop is very popular and is sold in over 16 countries.  La Loops are made from the highest quality materials including sterling silver, real wood, even fresh water pearls, shells from New Zealand, and leather from Northern Italy!

An antique gold model!

Simple and real leather

La Loops also make the perfect Mother's Day gift since they are stylish and functional.  If your mom wears glasses she'd love the La Loop!

The cute little box that some La Loops come in!

Come by any of our 3 Spectacle locations 
and take a look at our brand new La Loops!